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5 Fun Activities Students Can Do During Holidays

5 Fun Activities Students Can Do During Holidays; Holidays are an essential part of everyone’s life, especially students because it is a time to rest and be away from the stress of school work, it is also a time for them to regroup and regain strength for the next session.

There’s this unspoken myth that once you enter a Nigerian university or polytechnic to study, the word ‘fun’ is removed from your dictionary because you either become so busy or your budget becomes very tight due to everything that you need to pay for; Handouts, materials, textbooks, etc.

Even during the holidays, most students still do not find themselves doing or involving themselves in any fun activities because they turn their holidays into a time to campaign and hustle for more money for school.
Well, These activities listed in this article are very interesting, and you can still stick to your budget and save money.

They are activities that you do not need to break the bank for and you and your friends can have fun times and wonderful experiences to look back at when the new session begins with its stress.


Whether you are going as a group or you are going on your own, this is one of the most budget-friendly fun activities because it is not expensive, and you can still save. With as low as three thousand naira you can have extreme fun at the pool, most pools charge a fee of one thousand naira to enter the pool, and you can spend more than 2 hours inside the pool.

The remaining two thousand naira can be used to buy a bottle of soft drink that you can be sipping throughout your swim time.
If you’re going with friends, you can just take a ball along; those soft balls that can be used to play water volley, not a football or basketball and if you are going alone, the pool is a nice place to make new friends. So either way, it’s a win-win situation because you have fun on a budget and still make new friends and lots of wonderful memories.


Most people strike out movie dates from their list of things to do because they think it is expensive but in actuality, it’s not so expensive and if you’re going on a movie date with friends, the cinema gives discounts for groups. If you’re going on a movie date alone, the most you can spend is 3 thousand naira and that includes the movie ticket, popcorn and a drink. So let us say you’re going with four friends, the cost would be discounted and so you wouldn’t even be spending up to that amount, and you’ll have absolute fun. This is a very budget-friendly activity to do during the holidays and even during weekends just to wind down a little from the stressful student life.


During the school session, you might have lost your beautiful body because of excess calories from eating late during night class because which is a norm in Nigerian universities and polytechnics, or you just became thinner because of all the stress from running from class to class.

What better way to resume school than resuming with a beautiful body that will make all your coursemates’ jaws drop. Well, you don’t even have to register at a gym to get the desired body, and it’ll be fun as well if you can get your whole family to join in the workout session. This is totally fun, and you don’t even have to spend money at all, and you can save. All you have to do is play music from your phone and just do normal jumping jacks and other workout routines and maybe even do a dance competition with the family to make it even more interesting.


Remember the point is to have fun and still not spend money excessively, you can just invite a few of your friends over to your house or choose another friend’s house that will be conducive and calm for all of you to sit comfortably.

Everybody can bring whatever they have like: biscuits, chocolates, candies, chips, zobo or anything to just chew or drink, and then you all can also bring card and board games and probably divide yourselves into groups to have a card game tournament or perhaps play a decent 20 questions game, and you’d all have fun.

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Technology and the internet have made every sector of life easier for everybody, so you can just sit in your house or wherever and actually learn new things. As a student, learning should be a continuous process, and you should never feel that whatever knowledge you have acquired is enough or just completely focus and concentrate on one particular discipline; you should branch out and learn very vast.

The holidays are a good time to take a course on that branch of knowledge you’ve always been interested in. There are a lot of applications on your phone’s app store that you can take courses on. Some popular ones are Coursera and Udemy, you can take courses like creative writing, graphic design and all sorts for free, so you can save money and still improve on yourself.

In conclusion, there’s a quote that says “The more fun you have, the greater your value to yourself and to your society”. Having fun adds value to not just your physical health but also your mental health and helps you to regain mental and intellectual stability that will in turn help you do better as a student and in your course of study.

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Written By Shekinah Brama

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