5 Things Every Admission Seeker Needs To Know About IJMB - 200 Level Admission Without JAMB
5 Things Every Admission Seeker Needs To Know About IJMB – 200 Level Admission Without JAMB

5 Things Every Admission Seeker Needs To Know About IJMB – 200 Level Admission Without JAMB; IJMB stands for Interim Joint Matriculation Board, it is an advanced level program created by Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, that helps students secure University Admission without JAMB. Due to the peculiarity of the IJMB program, there are various unreal promises & often lies given to students by marketers to urge them register for the program.

This blog post is to introduce students (admission seekers) into certain truths and realities about the IJMB program which will in turn influence their decision to either go for the IJMB program or not.

1. IJMB is real

Yes, the program is very real, IJMB was established in the year 1970, and over the past years it has been an acceptable means (accredited by JAMB) for students to enter the university of their choice using JAMB direct Entry.

2. You Don’t Need JAMB for IJMB

Another fact students need to understand is that IJMB serves solely as an alternative purpose, this simply means students who enroll for IJMB don’t have any obligation to sit for JAMB. Whereas we at Student Village Academy have a culture that favours our students, we advise them to enroll for both IJMB and JAMB this ensures their admission chances are increased and their eggs aren’t in one basket.

3. Medicine , Law, Accounting

IJMB can be used to secure admission into many professional courses, but understand this, each course comes with its own criteria. You can’t compare the score needed for studying Biochemistry in the IJMB examination to that of Medicine. If you are interested in going for any course using IJMB, you are advised to simply Google the schools IJMB requirement, or send us a message via WhatsApp for such inquires 08023201628.

4. IJMB is expensive

They say good things don’t come cheap, well it’s true. The average cost of 100 level for every student is above N200,000 if you put into consideration various costs. IJMB isn’t as expensive when you read the breakdown of the fees. Click here to see IJMB fees breakdown. Students should also realize that various IJMB centres give Students the option of installmental payments so that payment can be seamless.

5. IJMB is hard

Is there any examination on this earth that isn’t hard? That’s the sole purpose of every examination. But with intensive lectures and proper study materials provided by Student Village Academy, you will definitely pass the  IJMB examination. But there’s a little secret you need to know. Without discipline and dedication from the student, the IJMB examination will come across as hard. But in the real sense, it isn’t hard!

Questions are set based on your syllabus, and our lecturer’s are very experienced in their field.

Are you interested in registering for IJMB this session?

Kindly buy the form here or send us a message on WhatsApp for further inquiries.

Official IJMB Website

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