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6 Tricks That Keep You Motivated During Online Learning

6 Tricks That Keep You Motivated During Online Learning; Distant learning and open university students have to learn online from time immemorial, and in 2010 Udemy came into our lives and everyone started taking up courses to study and get certifications on their own without ever stepping into a classroom.

But it didn’t stop there, COVID-19 brought forcefully brought us out of our regular class routines and created a quick evolution for education and studying in general. (now that I think of this, this article might be coming a bit late)

Recently, a study shows that about 2,642,158 students – 12.5 per cent of all college students – took online courses exclusively, and the other 13.3 per cent of students combined online studies with traditional courses. These data simply show that online studies are gaining popularity hence the need to create guides that will make it easy for students currently studying online or considering taking that up.

6 Tricks That Keep You Motivated During Online Learning

Share What You’ve Learned

Sharing information is what keeps the world alive through social media, pictures of pets, aged parents, food, lovers, happy moments, funny videos, and extreme videos. There are billions of data being shared daily on social media platforms alone, and the need to share this information is because others are sharing.

So, if you’ll like to stay motivated while studying online one trick is to share cool information you see while studying. Create discussions around it and get other ideas on the topic. It even gives room for you to connect with other students taking up that course.

Connect With People Offering The Same Course

As suggested above, sharing information helps you stay motivated and in turn connects you with students within your course circle. Find WhatsApp groups, Quota topics, and Twitter lists where students who are taking up whichever course you are studying are and join them.

The sense of community can be underrated but it does help when you need to study as a group or you need motivation in completing a task or course module.

Set Course-Related Goals For Yourself

The main goal you set when taking up a new course is to complete it, but that can appear far-fetched especially if you know you aren’t so disciplined.

Setting smaller goals along your journey is a very effective way to stay motivated during online learning. They could be weekly or daily goals, as long as you complete them and edge closer to your main goal then there’s no problem. Please don’t set goals that are so unrealistic you’ll end up hating yourself and the course.

Remember Why You Are Taking The Course (frequently)

You know the popular saying that goes “remember where you are coming from” well you have to apply that rule when studying online or learning through online platforms.

Many times we lose focus on what truly drives us to do particular things especially when it’s taking longer than we plan hence we need prompts that put us back on track. Remind yourself why you are taking the course, remember what you stand to gain when the course is complete and if you need motivational sticky notes in your study area, please go right ahead.

Take Breaks, Don’t Go On Marathons Often

Burnout is a form of exhaustion caused by repeatedly feeling swamped with activities. It is always as a result of excessive and prolonged stress ranging from emotional, physical and mental.

Burnout occurs in students that feel overwhelmed and emotionally drained due to life’s incessant demands. Burnouts are very bad and you shouldn’t risk having them so try as much as you can to take regular breaks and marathon studying should be put at the bearest minimum.

Always do your homework and projects

You might be tempted to skip course tasks or projects because, well it’s online learning and there’s little to no supervision. It’ll shock you to know that without taking this Homework and projects serious there’s a higher chance that you’ll not have a stronger grasp on the course you are studying.

Discipline is very important for students who are studying online and is greatly needed to stay committed to the course outline and requirements.

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There are millions of paid resources on the internet and double the number of free resources too but how many students are ready to put in the work without the four walls of a conventional school making it so.

Hopefully, you are one of the few, don’t forget, at the end of the course you’ll be rewarded with knowledge and expertise you didn’t have in the past.

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