ABSU Recovers Accreditation For Medicine & Surgery Programme

ABSU Recovers Accreditation For Medicine & Surgery Programme; All hell broke loose on the university administration and the government of Abia State when the National Universities Commission (NUC) refused accreditation for the Medicine and Surgery program of Abia State University Uturu (ABSU) during the accreditation exercise for Nigerian Universities in November/December 2021.

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Despite the political slant and blatant sabotage by some groups determined to assure the program’s denial of accreditation during the exercise, all manner of insults and lies were devised to attack the administration and the Government.

Some people forgot—out of pure malice—that the ABSU submitted a total of thirty-four (34) programs for accreditation during the same exercise, of which twenty (20) received full accreditation, seven (7) interim accreditation, and another seven (7)—including medicine surgery—were denied accreditation.

Despite assurances from the education-friendly governor of the State and visitor to the university, Okezie Victor Ikpeazu Ph.D., and the Vice-Chancellor, Distinguished Professor Onyemachi M.Ogbulu, that the governing authorities will take all necessary steps, the administration’s explanations in response to protests and inquiries about the true situation surrounding the program’s loss of accreditation during the exercise could not calm the populace.

However, the concern of some others, particularly parents, students, and even aspiring students in Medicine and surgery and other programs of the University was understandable. That a flagship program of the University which had enjoyed full accreditation over the years and produced notable medical doctors within and outside the country was denied accreditation was a bitter pill for them to swallow. Why medicine and surgery, many were right to ask.  It was just perhaps like a very bright and brilliant student who failed an exam against all expectations.

Not deterred by the temporary setback and with the unprecedented support of the education-friendly scholar in Governance and visitor to the University, Okezie Victor Ikpeazu Ph.D. as well as other stakeholders, the Vice-Chancellor, Distinguished Professor Onyemachi M Ogbulu, assembled and deployed every arsenal at his disposal in preparation for another accreditation exercise. 

Subsequently, Medicine and surgery, with other six(6) programs, optometry, nursing sciences, business education, biochemistry, sociology, and french, all due for accreditation was listed for the November/December 2022 NUC accreditation exercise.

 The result is what we are celebrating today. A resounding success where the University scored 100 percent and full accreditation for all the seven(7) programs presented including Medicine and Surgery. As the scriptures say, ” the glory of the later days shall be greater than the former”

This was a  product of the focus, doggedness, and strategic leadership of a determined administrator,  who has set his eyes on the mark of success without looking back. A man with unwavering trust in God, believing that no problem is insurmountable.

 According to Jack Canfield, an American author and motivational speaker, ” Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures and on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals “
This explains the leadership style and attributes of our humane, staff, and student welfare-oriented Vice-Chancellor, Distinguished Professor Onyemachi M. Ogbulu,  who at all times thinks about the next strategic policy to execute that will benefit the staff and students of the University. An apostle of uninterrupted academic activity in the University, a team leader, a bridge builder,  a fence mender, always fair but firm in decision making, a humble and silent achiever, prudent manager of human and material resources. 

Perhaps, not many have heard about the approval and subsequent release of outstanding promotions, regularization, and confirmation to all staff due for 2019, 2020, and 2021 for both teaching and non-teaching staff of the University,  regular payment of monthly salaries, and gradual liquidation of inherited arrears, the introduction of new programs, creating an enabling environment for the partnership for investment from individuals, Alumni association and corporate bodies. 

Similarly, let us also not forget the restoration of calm along the okigwe- uturu road which was once plagued by insecurity challenges, the massive infrastructural developments in all the campuses of the University,  the peaceful academic environment engendered by the trust staff and students have on the leadership of the University. These and other achievements are dividends of a transparent and focused administration guided by the vision of the ” let the change continue” mantra that will take the University to another pedestal of development.

All said, for these and more, we must ever commend the uncommon moral and financial support of the Governor and Visitor to the University, Okezie Victor Ikpeazu Ph.D., the contributions of the Governing Council ably led by the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman, Chief Mba Okoronkwo Ukariwo, Management, Senate, Staff, and students for these remarkable achievements.

We do pray that the same way the temporary loss of accreditation was celebrated by many, now it has been restored, Let’s also deploy the same energy and even more to publish it as well as join hands with all stakeholders to build Abia State University of our dream.

Chijioke Nwogu

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ABSU Recovers Accreditation For Medicine & Surgery Programme