Applying to Attend the 2019 Indaba

Application is open to all, including students, post-doctoral candidates, research staff, industries, startups: to people from across Africa and the world. We are particularly looking for people with a passion for machine learning and who are committed to our mission of strengthening machine learning in Africa.

Key Dates
Application Deadline:12 April 2019
Acceptance notification: TBC
Registration opens: TBC

What is the Deep Learning Indaba?

The Deep Learning Indaba 2019 will be held over 6 days, from the 25-30 August at Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya. The programme consists of advanced lectures by world-renowned experts in the field, practical sessions and events each day.

Eligibility: Can I Attend?

You can apply either as a student or as a general attendee.

  • Students should generally be 4th-year/honours, MSc, PhD, or postdoc level. We also consider undergraduate students who have a strong interest in the field. Students at a coding academy or institute are also welcome to apply in this category.
  • General attendees include academics, research scientists at startups or industry, and engineers in data science fields. ​

You should apply if you have:

  • An active interest in machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistics, data science, or related computational sciences (e.g., statistical physics, computational neuroscience, computational social science, etc).
  • Basic programming experience in Python or Matlab (if you’ve completed an undergrad assignment that involved coding, you should be fine!).
  • Basic (undergraduate) knowledge of calculus, linear algebra, probability theory and statistics. See the description of background topics for pointers and further details.

Why should I apply to attend the Indaba?

  • Unparalleled networking opportunities: The Indaba is the annual and largest meeting of the African AI and data science community, and one of the largest in the world.
  • ​Learn from and interact with world-class researchers and engineers who are there for most of the week.
  • Take the time to focus on learning. The week long Indaba is an intense programme designed to both teach and reinforce through practical sessions and discussion with peers.
  • Deep-dive into topics of interest. Our new parallel tracks allow you to tailor your experience to be more theoretical, more applied or more focussed on policy, strategy and ethics.
  • Become part of the community. We are a fast-growing community of researchers, industry professionals, academics and students from across Africa and the world!

What will I gain if I attended last year?
We are building a sustainable community of Machine Learning researchers, practitioners and enthusiasts. Continuity is extremely important for this. We have doubled the capacity this year and therefore strongly encourage all participants and applicants of the 2017 or 2018  Indaba to apply to attend again in 2019! By attending again in 2019 you will gain:

  • New perspectives on familiar topics: We have a completely new set of world-class speakers this year!
  • Opportunity for deep dives: In contrast to last year, our new parallel tracks will allow you to dive deeper into your favourite models and techniques, and include applied sessions on machine learning in production, life in start-ups, and AI policy and ethics.
  • Double the size means double the networking opportunity!
  • Practicals have been revamped to include recent developments in the state of the art of machine learning application.
  • Share your experiences and learning and help shape our community culture going forward.
  • Opportunity to run a workshop or be a tutor. We have two call for proposals for workshops. Consider sending in a proposal. Or if you would like to be a practicals tutor, please get in touch.

​And of course, the chance to visit Nairobi!

Registration: What costs are involved?

Registration is FREE for students. For general attendees there is a fee (please check back for details).

Registration covers participation in lectures and practical sessions, lunch, coffee breaks and evening events. All other costs, including travel and accommodation, are the responsibility of the attendees. We do have financial support for travel and accommodation that students may apply for.

Financial Support and Awards

​Applying for financial support will not affect a student’s chances of being accepted to attend the Indaba.

We will offer financial support to encourage students from across our continent to attend. We will not be able to fund everyone who applies for these awards, so applications are competitive. In 2017 we supported 70 students, in 2018 we supported almost 200 students, and we hope to increase this number in 2019.

  • Questions?
Take a look at our application guide. If anything is still unclear, feel free to email us:

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