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Biology Past Questions v43 For JAMB/WAEC/NECO Students

Biology Past Questions v43 For JAMB/WAEC/NECO Students; These Biology past questions are for students who are sitting for the following examinations:


  • JAMB
  • Post-UTME / Post-JAMB
  • WAEC
  • NECO


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#1. One of the functions of the xylem is?

#2. Which of the statements below is not characteristic of wind-pollinated flowers?

#3. Some of the features of an animal are scales,teeth, nares, and backbone. The animal is likely to be a?

#4. Choose the sequence which represents the correct order of organisms in a food chain

#5. Flatworms and roundworms are said to be invertebrates because?

#6. Which of the following is NOT regarded as a pollutanton land or in the air?

#7. When a Spirogyra cell is immersed in a salt solution more concentrated than its cell sap,it?

#8. The initial volume of water poured into a bag of dry soil was 50ml and the amount that drained through was 35mI. The percentage water content of the fully soaked soil is therefore

#9. When the original king and queen of termites die, they are replaced by

#10. In demonstrating the importance of mineral elements in plants, the culture bottle must be darkened to?

#11. In the mammalian respiratory system. exchange of gases occurs in the?

#12. Aged erythrocytes are destroyed in the?

#13. The villus in the small intestine is significant because it?

#14. Which of the following food substances will produce a brick-red colour when warmed with Benedict's solution?

#15. The blood vessel which carries blood from the alimentary canal to the liver is the?

#16. Which of the following is TRUE of the process of conjugation in Paramecium?

#17. People who suck petrol with their mouths run the risk of increasing in their blood the concentration of

#18. Which of the following is a measure for the control of bilharzia?

#19. The appendicular skeleton is composed of the pectoral girdle?

#20. A freshwater plant such as water lily can solve the problem of buoyancy by the possession of?

#21. The correct sequence for the perception of smell in mammals is?

#22. I. High birth rate and high immigration rate II. Low birth rate and high immigration rate III. Low mortality rate and low emigration rate IV. High mortality rate and high emigration rate. Which combination of the above can cause rapid over-crowding in climax biotic communities and human settlements?

#23. The number of plant species obtained from a population study of a garden is as follows: Guinea grass (15), Ipomoea spp (5), Sida spp (7) and Imperata spp (23) What is the percentage of occurrence of Imperataspp?

#24. When a marine fish was taken from the ocean and put in a tank of fresh water, it died after a short period because?

#25. If a DNA strand has a base sequence TCA, its complementary strand mustbe?

#26. The correct sequence of the movement of urea during urine formation is?

#27. The order of passage of food in the digestive system is

#28. Mass of a crucible = 10g, Mass of a crucible and soil before heating =29g Mass of a crucible and soil after heating = 18g From the information above, determine the percentage of water in the given soil sample?

#29. The sequence of the one-way gaseous exchange mechanism in a fish is?

#30. Which of the following is true in blood transfusion?

#31. The plants that grow in deserts or very dry areas are referred to as?

#32. The most abundant group of organisms in the animal kingdom?

#33. The movement of part of a plant in response to external stimulus of no particular direction is?

#34. The mutation theory of organic evolution was propounded by?

#35. If both parents are heterozygous for a trait. the probability that an offspring will be recessive for that trait is?

#36. Blood circulation in a mammal is said to be double because?

#37. Which of the following organelles is common to both plant and animal cells

#38. The diagrams below are illustrations of different sections of a particular fruit. Study them and answer questions2 and 3,The sections in X and Y respectively, are

#39. The diagrams below are illustrations of different sections of a particular fruit. Study them and answer questions2 and 3.The fruit that has the illustrated sections is a


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