As a student, at first the whole going to class thing might seem like a big deal for you, it can be so stressful and you might barely have time for yourself but along the line, after its a bit comfortable, search yourself and look for something outside school you really love to do, either blogging, vlogging, buying and selling, learning a skill or whatever it is you want to do, being an undergraduate is the best time to build your brand.

Plan your time well so that your school work doesn’t suffer neither does your other thing you’ve ventured Into.Remember your primary objective is to secure the grades but the time you realize grades alone don’t do it especially in this part of the world we are in, might be too late. So accept my gospel now and build your brand!

And after you build the brand, go out meet people, discuss your plans and look for ways they can help you build. Because at the end of the day, you’re not an island, you need to have people that will assist you.


No man can do it alone, not even macho you, so go out and network.

Stay Sane
Stay Happy

SV Team





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