Characters in The Life Changer; JAMB 2023 recommended text.

Characters in The Life Changer; JAMB 2023 recommended text; The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli; This prose is necessary for students who are sitting for the JAMB examination and should be studied so as to stand a chance of passing the exams.


One of the main characters and the story’s narrator in the book is Ummi. She goes by Ummi Ahmed in full. She is the mother of Omar, Teemah, Jamila, and Bint. She is also married to financier Mr. Esquire. Ummi serves as the book’s voice according to its author. She cites Ummi as an example of an all-knowing narrator who is able to reveal every detail about various personalities.

The title of the book, which was derived from Ummi’s assertion to Omar that college is a life changer, was the first mention of Life Changer in the book.

After Omar was given the opportunity to enroll in Ahmadu Bello University’s Kongo campus to study law, Ummi began to recount the entire narrative in the book. Omar explains how his qualifications got him into the school, but Ummi interrupts him and tells him that college is a life-changing experience.

She concentrates on Salma’s undergraduate experiences, recounting both her bad behavior and how she ultimately changes for the better.

Ummi was only an invented voice that the author used in the book.


The youngest child in the Ahmed family, she is 5 years old. She is a gifted child who asks a lot of questions. Mallam Salihu asked her a question in French, and she bravely responded by asking him a question that he was unable to answer. Mallam Salihu was a little ashamed to leave class because of this.

Mallam Salihu

He is Bint’s school’s intrusive social studies teacher. He thought he knew a little bit about everything, especially French, but Bint’s class made fun of him when he was unable to respond to a question in the language.


Omar is Ummi Ahmad’s first child and only son. He was not present when the book’s story first began. Instead, he joined later and shared the happy news that he had been accepted to study law at Ahmad Bello University’s Kongo campus.

He also reaffirmed their commitment to buying Ummi a phone if he passes the JAMB. He brags about how his skills got him admittance. Ummi detects ignorance in Omar’s words as he speaks. Ummi was moved by this to assert that university changed her life.

Omar’s remark served as the impetus for Ummi’s entire story in the book.


Talle was given that name since his mother passed away soon after he was born. He is known as the “quiet one” though because of how calm he was even as a little child. He was raised in Lafayette throughout his life. He was barely twenty years old when his father and stepmother died in a horrifying vehicle accident, adding to his state of extreme isolation. He and Zaki plan to kidnap a young boy and force the parent to pay the ransom. Zaki and Talle were given a sentence of a few years in prison with hard labour.


Teemah is Ummi Ahmad’s first daughter and second child. She is one of the book’s supporting characters because she wasn’t given anything to do.

She sat in a room with Bint and Jamila while Bint related her tale. She listened as Ummi described her school day.


Ummi Ahmad’s third child and second daughter, Jamila, also listened to Bint and Ummi’s tales.

Jamila plays a supporting role despite not having a part to perform in the story.

Despite the fact that she didn’t have a significant part to perform, she was essential to the story.


Salma is a tall, thin, smart, fair-skinned character in the book.

Salma is the main character in The Life Changer because the narrative was centered around her experiences in school. Many aspects of young people’s lives, including pride and haughtiness, were employed to reflect her character.

Salma undoubtedly displayed conceit and vanity in the story, but in the end, she made a real turn for the better and grew close to Ummi Ahmad.

Salma served as a mirror for society’s moral decay throughout the narrative. She got into difficulties because she engaged in both bribes and corruption.

Who is the main character in the JAMB novel, in case you’re still curious? I’m Salma.

DR. Samuel Johnson

A young lecturer named Dr. Samuel Johnson. Due to his tribal markings, some almost mistook him for a Yoruba or lgala man. He is Ummi’s department’s HOD and Ummi’s husband’s dear buddy. Additionally, he helped Ummi get accepted into the university.


Tomiwa is a Muslim girl from the west, specifically Ibadan. In her room, Tomiwa is the most well-lit and tidy. Due to her desire to become a singer, she keeps up with the most recent news in the entertainment sector. She is also knowledgeable about the weirdest and most recent fashion trends. Honorable Habib is her boyfriend.


Although she was born in Benue, Ada believes that she was born in the Middle Belt. She shares a room at Queen Amina Hostel with Salma.


Ngozi is Salma’s roommate. She is a shy and reserved woman who hails from Umunze in Imo state. She is incredibly giving despite her constant reserve and withdrawal. Never would she prepare food by herself.


Labaran is Honourable Habib’s driver and a childhood friend. Although they grew up together, Habib decided to attend a driving school for his schooling. He occasionally helped his friend before he entered politics with the meager wages he received from his job as a driver for the local government, and as a way of saying thank you for his generosity, Habib hired him as his driver after he entered politics.


The plan to kidnap his friend’s son and use him as leverage in extortion was conceived by Zaki. Talle needed money, and he thought that being involved in the kidnapping would be a good opportunity to earn some, so he included Talle in his dastardly scheme.

Dr. Dabo

Dr. Dabo is an extremely disciplined educator who has never interacted dishonestly with any female students. He is known for treating his students fairly. He never arrives at the end of a lecture, and his one rule is, “Don’t come in after me.”


He is in charge of the Lafayette district. Talle was captured by the police at his palace.

Kolawole Abdul

He is Salma’s classmate, and under Salma’s pressure, he scratched out some code for the solution and provided it to Salma when they were completing their last paper, Moral Philosophy. He is incredibly smart and brilliant. Salma accused him of exam fraud and ethical offenses, and the university also expelled him as a result.

 Muhammad Kabir

As a fraud, Mohammad Kabir was working as Dr. Kabir. He is not even a university lecturer, let alone the EMEC chairman.


He is Salim’s friend who declined to go with him to see his new online love, a Fulani girl who was very different from how she appeared in the profile image.


Salim met her online. She is the girl Salim met there.


He is the group leader of the gambling group where Mohammad Kabir played and took home 300,000 Naira.


After Kabir won 300,000 naira from his gaming gang, Kartagi sent the thug Gumusu after him.

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Characters in The Life Changer; JAMB 2023 recommended text.