Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH) “No Fees, No Examination” Policy

Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH) management has released a press statement on the policy of ‘No Fees, No Examination’. Read the statement below.

CRUTECH No Fees, No Examination

It has become necessary to reach out the critical stakeholders of CRUTECH on the CRUTECH project through the press.
One of the major purposes of establishing CRUTECH is to educate and train manpower for Cross River State primarily and the Nigeria nation and beyond.

To fulfill the mandate given to CRUTECH, the institution charges stipulated and Government approved school fees to augment the monthly subvention from the Cross River State Government to run the system. CRUTECH management remains ever grateful to His Excellency, professor,Senator Ben Ayade in this regard.

I crave your indulgence to note the following important points :

1. The main source of internally Generated Revenue (IGR) in CRUTECH is school fees. It is school fees that fund the provisions of electricity, water, contract security, sanitation, laboratory materials for students practicals, repairs and maintenance of buildings and vehicles, etc. Mangaement is however exploiting alternative and additional means of funding the University but we have not reached there yet.

2. Management has observed that only fresh students (year one) and very few continuing students pay school fees in CRUTECH.

3. The student population in CRUTECH as at first semester, 2018/2019 Academic year session is a little above 18,000(Eighteen Thousand). Out of this number, a little above 6,000(six thousand) are year one students the rest are continuing students.

4. As at last week, only little above 7,000(seven Thousand) students including the 6,000(six thousand) year one students have paid fees.This statistics mean that less than 2,000 (two thousand) continuing students have paid their mandatory first semester 2018/2019 school fees as the new management policy stipulates. This translates to the fact that over 10,000(ten thousand) students have refused to pay school fees for first semester, 2018/2019 academic session.

5. Based on the above analysis of poor response from the students on fee compliance, management was magnanimous to the students and gave a two weeks semester’s break to allow the students go home and source their first semester 2018/2019 school fees. This decision I understand was predicated on a stakeholders concensus and included students union Government who represent students.

6. The continuing students returned from their semester break and most of them failed to pay the prescribed fees for first semester 2018/2019 session.

7. In all educational institutions across Nigeria and the whole world academjc activities including examinnations, are always offered to only those who pay school fees/charges and are registered properly.

8. In most other institutions, the world over, full session payment or some percentages is demanded from students, but in CRUTECH, continuing students, 50% of session fee (I.e First semester and followed by second semester) is demanded. This arrangement is fair and considerate considering the economic peculiarities of our state and country.Still, students stubbornly refuse to pay school fees.

9. The current inclination by students to refuse payment of fees is unsustainable and if not quickly reversed may result in the degeneration of CRUTECH.

I am appealing to all stakeholders in the CRUTECH projects :students, parents, sponsors and the general public to support our “NO FEES NO EXAMINNATION” policy which commenced with the ongoing first semester 2018/2019 examinnations.
All students are fully aware of this policy. The examinations started on Monday 27th May, 2019 with year one students who have paid fees.

The continuing students will start their first semester examinnations, specially for year2 and 3 on Monday, June 3rd ,2019 to be followed by other levels. We therefore appeal to them to pay their semester fees, otherwise STAY AWAY from campus during the days of examinnations.

The University Management will appreciate students, parent, and sponsors who pay up the first semester 2018/2019 school fees for continuing students from year 2 to 7.

Your support to this new policy of “NO FEES, NO EXAMINNATION” will lighten the smooth administration by the University Management and nurture a stable environment for teaching and research.

Thank you.

Prof. (Mrs.) Akon M. Joshua
Ag. Vice chancellor

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