Few Things You Can Do To Be Happy In University

Staying happy isn’t an easy task especially when you are a student at university. Lectures can be overwhelming, alongside thinking of what to eat after class and how to raise cash for projects (because mom and dad won’t send money more than twice a month). So what can you do to keep your mind excited irrespective of what you are going through in school?

Explore Alternatives – University is a training ground, don’t fail for so long and sulk at your failure. Try to fail quickly, that way you aren’t just failing, you are failing and learning.


Get Good Friends


Friends are hard to find and keep but when you get good friends they are one of the things that would keep you happy all through your stay in the university. Quick suggestion; don’t pick friends that will get you into trouble.

You are an introvert, not a snail

I get you might have been trained as what yoruba will call “omo get inside” . The point is this, don’t restrict yourself to the walls of your school and hostel, give yourself time to go out. And i don’t mean strolls or visitations, I mean Shopping spree’s, go and drink pepper soup with your guys and babe’s; you get, stuffs like that.


Stay In, Make Future Plans And Fun Ones

I won’t advise you to be a party animal and say you should party at every opportunity you have. No, some days, stay at home and plan, think about the future, make plans and to ease the stress, make affordable fun plans.


Hope this helps


Oh, i won’t forget this



Stop making excuses. The paper due next week can wait if it means taking an hour break to go to the gym. Go for a run with a friend or try a yoga class at the local studio. You’ll feel good for having done so and the endorphins you release are proven to make you happier.



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Few Things You Can Do To Be Happy In University