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      12 Ways To Deal With People Who Think They Know Everything

      Although they have a poor reputation, there are two different kinds of know-it-alls.

      The first category of know-it-alls includes numerous people who identify with this group. They are lifelong learners who can never be content with ignorance. When they discover a knowledge gap, they delve deeper and do their own research.

      These folks typically have a wonderful sense of humor, are good listeners, don’t take themselves too seriously, and provide helpful criticism.

      The second category of “know-it-alls” is the one we all despise the most.

      These people, who are wilfully stupid and have a narrow range of knowledge, assume they know everything. They have done no study, asked no questions, and show no sign of even the slightest curiosity, yet they somehow think they know the solution to every issue, no matter how big or small.

      These snobs aren’t actually paying attention to what anyone is saying. Simply put, they are waiting for you to finish so they can give you a barrage of unwanted advice.

      So, how do you handle these individuals?

      12 Ways To Deal With Know-It-Alls

      There are several ways to deal with condescending people who think they know everything. Here are 12 solutions to the know-it-all problem in your life.

      1. Maintain your position.

      Know-it-alls are adept at leveraging peer pressure to win support from individuals in their immediate vicinity. Anyone who doesn’t support their cause runs the risk of being attacked by a group of people and abandoned.

      Avoid engaging in a back-and-forth argument with them since you can’t win. To avoid getting into a disagreement, take a deep breath, maintain your position, and go away from the debate.

      2. Stress over yourself.

      People who believe they are all-knowing appear to have a perfect understanding of what you should be doing with your life. Even though their own life is out of control, they have all the answers to your problems.

      Allow their suggestions to roll off your back instead of getting irritated by them. The greatest person to know what functions for you is you. Let their counsel pass by you without paying any attention.

      3. Establish limits.

      Setting clear boundaries with those who lack boundaries may be beneficial. These guidelines ought to be founded more on how they act and behave than on what they say.

      Inform them that you are listening to them but that you need time to think things through on your own. There is no assurance that they would pay attention, but at least you made the suggestion.

      4. Don’t take anything personally.

      Anyone who feels the urge to outdo everyone else in knowledge is struggling with their own self-confidence and self-esteem.

      Avoid being offended and don’t take whatever they say personally. Adjust your viewpoint to one of empathy. Imagine having to constantly show your worth while also understanding that it is them, not you.

      5. Give them a wake-up call.

      Getting into a debate with a know-it-all is far from ideal. They may say rude things that make you want to engage in a negative way, but don’t.

      Try telling them what impact their actions are having on you and let them know what repercussions you are prepared to put into place if their behavior continues.

      6. Become powerful.

      Know-it-alls can instantly detect your level of uncertainty. Your lack of assurance and uncertainty are like a “welcome” sign, luring people in for a torturous exchange.

      To become more confident in your capacity to make wise judgments for yourself, work on yourself. Each of us has the ability to be the finest version of ourselves. It’s time for you to use yours.

      7. Be specific when talking to them.

      People who wish to give the perception of genius are vague in their responses, making grand statements and generalizations that are hard to combat. They might even try and deter you from digging deeper with statements like “everyone knows that.”

      Throw them off-kilter by asking for specifics. There is nothing more shadily fun than watching a smartypants crack under the pressure.

      8. Don’t take them too seriously.

      Remember that boy on the playground who used to snatch your hair for attention? Or that girl in high school who piled on the makeup to set herself apart from the rest of the young ladies?

      A know-it-all is of the same mindset. They want you to fall into destructive patterns of arguing with them or getting upset. If you choose to consciously ignore them, they will move on to more attentive prospects.

      9. Treat them with respect.

      We already know that persons who claim to be experts do not represent you. They need to have their brilliance acknowledged since they are having trouble with their sense of self.

      It is acceptable to occasionally let them get away with doing too much. Empathize with them and give them the encouragement they need. In comparison to being angry, it is a lovely gesture and less stressful.

      10. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

      Trying to compete with a know-it-all is a lose-lose situation. They are not open to input, and you will never convince them that they are wrong about anything.

      Ask them to collaborate on a project and give them free reign to lead the charge. This compels them to put up or shut up. They get a chance to see if they are really as well-versed as they seem to think they are.

      11. Treat yourself with some respect.

      People who give in to know-it-alls let them walk all over them. They have the power to treat you with disrespect or inferiority that they themselves would never put up with.

      It’s critical that you make clear to them what you will and won’t tolerate. This is crucial in romantic relationships in particular since the dynamics there can easily result in various forms of abuse.

      12. Accept them as they are.

      You will see that, underneath the aggressive exterior of someone who believes they are the brightest person in the room, they are still a weak, immature person in need of approval.

      Reward them for the positive actions they take to develop a relationship with you. Establish and maintain your limits when dysfunctional behavior occurs. They will eventually become aware and respond.

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      What are your thoughts on this topic ?

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      Esther Amadi

      Point numbers 4 and 8 is very key, these set of people destroys one’s boldness to speak up or contribute and most times make your opinions feel useless.

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