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      You won’t believe this unbreakable football records.

      Yes! 13 of them! So next time you are in class with fellow students and you need to bring up some stats, these ones might just do the trick for you. And yes, by football I mean soccer.

      13 unbreakable Records in Football­čÄ»

      -Lewandowski 5 goals in 9 minutes
      -Mane 3 goals in 2 mins
      -Messi 91 goals in a calendar year
      -Lukaku 7 touches in 90 mins
      -Kovacic 2 goals in 437 days
      -Jorghino 1 open play career goal
      -Odoi 4 Pl goals in 5 seasons
      -Hazard 3 goals in 3 years

      The only problem with these stats is that they aren’t verified and were created by this guy here

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