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Student Village Academy Forums ENTERTAINMENT 20 Year Old Unilorin Student Commits Suicide.

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      Esther Amadi



      A 20 years old, Hameedah of Rubik private hostel, Unilorin who was undergoing her SIWES practice have been reported to commit suicide.


      It saddens the heart to officialy announce the demise of one of our own, Late miss Saani Hameedat who died a day and few hours ago.

      Myself and the faculty VP visited the hostel today, had a chat with the officials, particularly the security personnel on duty as at the time of the incident. It was reported that she committed suicide by ingesting a bottle of pesticide which eventually killed her even after a swift response of rescue.

      The cause of Suicide was traced to financial misappropriation. She was entrusted with a significant sum of money by her mother. She crossed paths with a guy on Snapchat, and they developed a friendship. When the boy claimed that his mother was batting breast cancer and urgently needed 500,000 naira, this compassionate and emotional her decided to help him by lending him half of the 1 million Naira she was holding for her own mother, the boy promised to repay the borrowed money.

      However, when her mother needed the money back, the boy abruptly cut off all up all contact, blocking her. This left her deeply troubled and in order for her to make up the missing 500,000 Naira, she resorted to borrowing money from various apps.

      She managed to gather 450,000 naira from these sources and added her own savings of 50,000 Naira to the total. The pressure from the app agents, who were demanding repayment, coupled with her brother’s inability to assist financially at that moment, left her feeling overwhelmed and depressed.

      I guessed this intense stress, coupled with the emotional burden she was carrying, led her to make a tragic decision. She was reported to have taken Sniper the previous night. Her roommate, who had retired to bed early, woke up in the middle of the night and discovered her in distress, removing foam from her mouth and vomiting.

      Alarmed, the roommate sought help, and she was rushed to UITH, where she was declared deceased this morning.


      Source: Rubik management✍????

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      Student Village

      This is saddening, may her soul rest in perfect peace.

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      Alexander G

      Suicide is not the next option. RIP dear

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      Shekinah Brama

      So sad!!

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      Nicky Peter

      God have mercy. This is saddening ????

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