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      21 signs you are a mentally strong person

      1. You are comfortable being alone. 
      2. You don’t worry about the past or stress over the future. 
      3. You care little about the opinions of other people. 
      4. You prioritise self-improvement and want to get better every day. 
      5. You accept full responsibility for your actions. 
      6. You don’t waste energy agonizing over things you can’t control. 
      7. You don’t feel entitled to success. 
      8. You take time to think about your response, instead of reacting brashly. 
      9. You challenge your beliefs instead of seeking to reaffirm them. 
      10. You accept yourself wholly while also recognising the need to improve yourself. 
      11. You admire other people’s success and don’t feel envy towards their achievements. 
      12. You don’t let hardship ruin you. You come back stronger from it. 
      13. You regularly delay gratification knowing it is good for you. 
      14. You don’t complain about things.

      You either accept them or look for solutions. 

      15. You are open-minded to new ideas and ways of thinking. 

      16. You respect your own peace.

      You tolerate zero negativity. 

      17. You have a healthy image of yourself. 
      18. You don’t get offended easily. 
      19. You stay calm and rarely get angry. 
      20. You don’t self-shame and you forgive yourself for your mistakes. 
      21. You are okay with stepping outside of your comfort zone. 
      Thank you for reading, amigos.
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