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      4 Of The Best Gaming Phones For 2022; This list isn’t exhaustive, feel free to drop your recommendations in this Student Village thread.


      iPhone 13 Pro Max

      The overall best iPhone for gaming is the iPhone 13 Pro Max because it’s the biggest, most powerful, and has the most storage out of any other phone. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is the right option for anyone who wants to prioritize mobile games, not just because of display and battery life. The 5G connection means less lag time, which is crucial for online games! Nobody wants to lose a round of Fortnite because of a bad connection. Plus, the extra-large display that goes edge-to-edge isn’t broken up or interrupted by a curved edge or bevel.

      Xiaomi Poco F4 GT

      With a 120-Hz AMOLED panel, a Snapdragon Gen 1, and a quad audio system, it looks promising – and not just for gamers. With two pop-up triggers, a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC, and a 120-Hz AMOLED panel, the Poco F4 GT is an exciting smartphone for gaming enthusiasts.  An affordable gaming smartphone with flagship features — Performance meets fast charging.

      Black Shark 5 Pro

      Especially the phone’s heating management and power consumption are still impressive. And if you’re looking for a gaming model that runs games stably without serious heating issues and high-power drain, the Black Shark 5 could be a good option and save you a lot of money

      Nubia Magic 7s pro

      The Nubia Red Magic 7S Pro offers all the specs of a premium gaming phone and is cheaper than most of the competition out there.
      Pros and cons: Incredible performance ⋅ Colorful and fast display ⋅ Design looks very neat and simple

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