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      Shekinah Brama

      An intimate relationship between two people who are geographically far from one another is known as a long-distance relationship or long-distance romantic relationship. Geographical distance and a lack of face-to-face contact are challenges for partners in long distance relationships. University students are more likely than other age groups to be in long-distance relationships, which account for 25% to 50% of all relationships. Even while researchers have noted a sizable number of long-distance relationships among undergraduate populations, the subject is still little-researched.

      Because most people struggle with long distance relationships, choosing to leave your spouse and attend school is typically a very challenging choice. In fact, because they must balance a long-distance relationship with their studies, the majority of students find themselves preoccupied at school.

      Here are some suggestions to assist you manage and keep your long-distance relationship with your spouse while attending school and studying without having to worry about breaking things up.


      1) Prioritize Your Schoolwork and Studying: To begin with, you choose to enroll in the university in order to get a degree and enhance your future. Your relationship is undoubtedly one of your top objectives, but education comes first.

      It’s acceptable if you need to devote all of your attention on a task or test that needs to be completed rather than your partner. Keep in mind that you have paid a lot of money for your education, therefore you don’t want to jeopardize it. Infact if your partner doesn’t encourage you to prioritize school work then that person is probably not a good partner and doesn’t want the best for you.

      2) Set expectations: It may be tempting for you to “wing it” because discussing these matters might be difficult. However, it’s important to establish clear expectations for both you and your spouse in order to preserve your connection. Here are some fundamental subjects to get you going:

      • How often will you communicate with one another?
      • Should you schedule regular check-in times with one another?
      • Which communication channels do you prefer?
      • When will you two next see one other?
      • If problems with your studies arise, how will you handle them?

      It will be much simpler to keep things on track if these issues are resolved in advance.

      3) Keeping Jealousy in Check: It’s understandable how it can be difficult to imagine your partner making new friends or just going out and experiencing new things without you. These activities are a big part of the university experience.

      This should be viewed as a benefit rather than a drawback. It will benefit both you and your partner to be encouraging rather than resentful of your partner establishing new acquaintances and broadening their social network.

      This doesn’t imply that they aren’t considering you or wishing you were present, though. Try to be understanding if your spouse occurs to miss a call or doesn’t respond right away.

      4) Make the Most of Video Chat: Of course there are ways to use technology to just spend time with your partner via video chat.

      Being able to see each other can help you feel like you’re in the same room, which can lessen separation anxiety.

      Maybe you and your spouse have a study date through a WhatsApp video call. Since they won’t be able to cheat and see the answers on your end, you can even quiz your partner! Or perhaps you enjoy date nights by viewing a movie or TV show together.

      5) Talk about your time in college with your companion: Sending pictures of your new life is a terrific approach to keep your relationship strong even when you are apart. These images can show the campus of your institution or you and your roommate. If you share your daily events with your partner, they will feel included in your life.


      In university settings, long distance relationships can be rewarding for both parties. Applying the advice above will enhance your relationship even more when you are separated by great distances.


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