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      6 techniques that’ll make you fall asleep in less than 5 minutes

      1) 4-7-8 Method

      Distract yourself from anxiety on bed

      1) Relax your tongue and rest it on the roof of your mouth

      2) Fully exhale through your mouth emptying your lungs

      3) Nose breath for 4 sec

      4) Hold breath for 7 sec

      5) Exhale for 8 sec

      6) Repeat for at least 4 times 

      2) Don’t sleep method

      Trying not to sleep is the key to sleeping

      Lessen your sleep anxiety

      Don’t use digital devices, instead:

      • Read a book in ambient lights
      • Challenge yourself to keep your eyes open in a dark room

      Cutting anxiety for sleep will make you sleep 

      3) Imagery practice

      Best way to go with the flow and fall asleep

      1) Lay on the bed
      2) Relax yourself
      3) Imagine calming scenes, like:

      • Watching the sunset
      • Floating on the ocean
      • Boating on a calm river

      This will make your brain focused & calm

      And thus, make you sleep 

      4) 30 Sec Military Sleep

      A famous technique used in armed forces

      1. Relax your entire face

      2. Release tension from your shoulder & hands

      3. Exhale, relax your chest

      4. Relax your lower body

      5. Clear your mind for 10 sec

      6. Say “don’t think” over and over for 20 sec 

      5) Muscle Relaxation technique

      Lay down and relax on the bed

      • Raise your eyebrows hard, then relax
      • Open your eyes hard, then slowly close them
      • Smile to feel tension in your cheeks and jaw, then relax

      Then, do the same with whole body

      Do until you doze off to sleep 

      6) Use 3-2-1 method

      A proven method with accurate results

      Watch out what you do before sleep

      Optimize your schedule to:

      • No food 3 hours before bed
      • No work 2 hours before bed
      • No phone 1 hour before bed

      A healthy lifestyle is a key to better sleep quality 

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