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      Tech is a broad field, you need to choose where to specify. Below are some fields in tech you’ll want to learn.

      A THREAD 🧵

      1. Cybersecurity

      Cybersecurity entails the security of information and availability of services to the end user. To be an expert in this field you have to be proficient in Python scripting. You can work for security agencies, top financial organisations
      2. Cloud Computing
      Cloud computing is the study of the cloud and what it renders. Today many businesses are migrating from on premisses to the cloud where there’s unlimited storage and high performance. As an expert you can work in big firms that provide services to consumers
      3. Data Analytics
      This houses the analysing of bulk data and how it affects growth of organisation and help to improve services rendered. You can work in the marketing field of the company and contribute to their growth with this knowledge.
      4. Robotics
      This is the creating, design and operation of robots to carry out task and improve the lives of humans. With this knowledge you’d be making lives of humans easy by helping to automate operations in facilities, manufacturing companies. This is in high demand.
      5. Dev Ops
      DevOps is the combination of software development and IT solutions, with this knowledge you’d be involved in the improvement of applications we use today and that also is in high demand and would fetch you good money if you’re in this field
      6. Web developer
      In this field you’d be tasked with developing web applications and providing services for businesses and organisations to help serve costumers. To achieve this you need to learn a programming language which you’d be proficient in to write codes for its function
      7. UX/UI designer
      As a specialist in this field you’ll be involved in designing the user interface of applications we use on a daily you also tackle the problems faced in the application by users and this knowledge would provide you thrill and a good pay 💰
      If you’re interested in learning any of the above Dm me and I’d send you beginners document to get started. Wishing you the best in your tech journey
      There’s money in tech!!!
      Drop comments please! I’ll love to read your thoughts
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