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      Shekinah Brama

      Oh, ladies, this is for all of you good women who are seeking good men. They are accessible. Decent people are seeking a decent woman. But occasionally, we gals are the deal breakers for them.


      1. Absence of reciprocity: Men desire to be loved and to believe their needs are being met. He expects you to put up some effort as well. Don’t just stand there and brag about how you want to be treated better than a queen while doing nothing for him.


      1. Nagging and complaining: You are too hot, chilly, uncomfortable, or bored, so whine and complain about it. His mother, his clothes, and his career don’t appeal to you. The people in the neighborhood, at church, or the cashier at the grocery store bother you. In the carpool lane or the drive-through queue, you beep your horn. If that describes you, honey, you must begin to see the positive aspects of life. Nobody wants to be married to that, much less be in the same room with it.


      1. Unnecessary financial demands: You’ve just recently met a man, yet you want to put all your financial responsibilities on him, asking him to pay for everything you own, wear, and even debts you accrued before you met him. Of sure, wanting and being with a generous man are positive things. More importantly, a man who loves you will want to take care of you, but if you make demands of him given his salary and how recently you just met, that’s a warning sign.


      1. Poor personal hygiene: You need to smell and look well. Every man wants to be with an attractive woman on the outside. Pay close care to your appearance; purchase lovely dresses and clothing, and have your hair styled. not only for him but also for you. Looking good makes you happier.


      1. Excessive sensitivity:  Water may run down a duck’s back or under a bridge. Whatever! Allow things to go. Bring on the grit. Forgive. Stop allowing so many things to make you angry. Put an end to letting your emotions rule you. In reality, life is more than just how you feel.


      1. Blab: Don’t, I repeat, DON’T tell your group of women about your conflicts or his errors. And you must never, ever talk about him to your mother and sisters. If you have a habit of picking up the phone after he annoys or offends you, stop! You two should keep your business private. Seek pastoral and spiritual counseling when you need relationship assistance.


      1. Desperation:  infatuation is beautiful. I can recall. However, you might be a little bit too needy if you find yourself calling to let him know you miss him when you go to the grocery store. We women are a sea of feeling. really big The idea of wading in the deep unnerves a good guy standing at the well’s edge a little. He is very certain that he is unable to fill that need. We can only be filled by one thing. That’s who created us. You will be a godsend to an upright guy if you find your affirmation in Him.
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      Not spending on him nko?

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