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      Shekinah Brama

      In case you were curious, there are several ways to lose a good woman. Because it typically takes a variety of factors coming together for her to take off, I’ve put together a list of suggestions to get you started. If you exhibit several of these actions, your girlfriend may end things with you soon, if she hasn’t already.


      1. BREAKING HER TRUST: When was the last time you betrayed her trust? Whether you lied about being sick so you could watch the game with the boys, or you were trying to get close to another female, whether it was something tiny or something large, if you continue this pattern, she will lead you to the door and say, “boy bye! ”


      1. Being a terrible listener: Women prefer men who listen to them rather than merely hear them. Active engagement is required for listening. When she talks to you, she wants you to nod, agree, make comments, and, most essentially, modify your conduct when she doesn’t like it.


      1. You prevent her from feeling secure: Strong, independent women are capable of handling their own fights, but you should take the initiative and give her a sense of security whenever you can. It’s important to keep her mentally and physically safe as well. Give her the impression that she doesn’t need to question your loyalty and sincerity.


      1. You do not respect her: You are demonstrating your lack of regard for her when you establish plans but then break them, arrive late, or respect her time. You are demonstrating your disrespect for her when you don’t pay attention to her or dicount what she has to say. You are demonstrating your lack of respect for her if you ridicule, tease, or mock her more than you value her. No woman worth her salt would put up with this for very long.


      1. You do not put in the effort: A good lady knows her value and that she deserves a man who makes an attempt. She will observe the tenacious pursuit of your objectives and question why she doesn’t receive the same degree of effort. She will eventually grow weary of taking second place.


      1. You do not show her affection: She doesn’t require you to buy her a dozen roses every week (unless you want to), but thoughtful actions that demonstrate your concern for her will mean a lot to her. If you don’t do even the smallest things, she can begin to believe you don’t care. It can be a lovely gesture to have a little bunch of flowers or perhaps a coffee brought to her office.


      1. You neglect her: You do not call or text her regularly? You do not check up on her?  Do you not contact her for days on end? You don’t schedule frequent visits with her? She will begin to believe that your lack of interest in her is an indication that you’re “just not that into her,” even if she is independent, and she will find someone who is.


      Please use these suggestions, and one day you’ll be able to say with pride, “I lost a good woman.” Men who don’t want to lose her, I’m confident, won’t act in such a way and will enjoy happy healthy relationships.

      Take care of your family and yourself.

      I’ll see you later.

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