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      Update; According to Instablog, another body was seen in the trash.

      A lady’s decomposing body was discovered in a Kwara doctor’s office.; The decomposing body of an unidentified female was discovered in the office of Adio Adebowale, Chief Medical Director of Kaiama General Hospital in Kwara State, by police.

      Okasannmi Ajayi, spokesman for the Kwara State Police Command, confirmed to FIJ that the police entered his office on a tip and discovered the body in a shallow grave beneath concrete.

      He stated that the body belonged to a female, but her identity was unknown.

      He also stated that the command was looking forward to questioning the doctor, who was facing homicide charges in Edo State at the time of his discovery.

      “We found the body, but we did not arrest him,” Ajayi explained. He is not with us because he is being held by the Edo State Police on homicide charges.”

      Adebowale allegedly murdered cab driver Emmanuel Agbovinuere on September 3 by injecting him with a lethal substance, and he was paraded by police on September 7. Adebowale described Agbovinuere as a friend and begged his family to forgive him in a press conference that day.

      “Let the police do their investigation,” he said. I’m begging my family to forgive me. I murdered a friend. He was genuinely my friend. I can show you our phone conversations.”

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      Esther Amadi

      God abeg… Medical doctor kwa

      They should just inject him and let him die abeg so he can be turning in his grave… Evil man





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        They’ll have to investigate him first. That man is a serial killer and there are more graves.

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