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      Nigerian Doctor Rots in Saudi Jail Over ‘Harmless Scuffle’ at Work

      Omafuvwe Jerome Ighowho, a Nigerian doctor imprisoned in Saudi Arabia for allegedly assaulting a colleague during a disagreement in July, has pleaded for assistance.

      In a letter obtained by FIJ from the Nigerian Consulate General in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Ighowho, who works at a general hospital in Asir, southwest of the country, stated that he was arrested by police following a scuffle with one Adel Idris, a Sudanese doctor, which resulted in the latter suffering a minor injury on his right knee.

      “I had an incident with my fellow Sudanese doctor on July 30, 2022.” “After returning to duty, I decided to greet the other doctors who would be working with me for the shift,” the letter begins.

      “I then saw Dr Adel Idris and Dr Isiah Awuri.” I was telling Dr. Isiah that Dr. Adel Idris was always late for work, and he was again that day. Then Dr Adel Idris approached me and asked why I would say he arrived late to work. He said this while laughing and making jokes, but he was holding my two arms.

      “I was laughing and also held him the same manner, as I was thrown off balance because of the firm grip from Adel (the Sudanese doctor) just to attain a good balance.

      “We were both laughing, and I then pushed him back to release myself from him as Dr Isiah (my Nigerian colleague) kept saying we should stop this ‘rough play.’”

      Ighowho predicted that the push would cause Idris to collide with a wall, lose his balance, and fall to the ground. Idris then had his knee x-rayed, which revealed that he had suffered a minor fracture (of less than two centimetres).

      “A few hours later, Dr Adel Idris arrived with the police, claiming that I assaulted him,” the letter continues.

      “Did I assault you?” I asked. He declined. So why call the cops? He never responded. This happened several times. When he explained the situation to hospital management, they understood and pleaded with him not to pursue his complaint, but he insisted.

      “The entire hospital administration and Sudanese community pleaded and even offered him financial compensation, a change of hospital, and a new job description, but he declined all of them.”

      “In addition, the police officers at the station pleaded with him to resolve this issue amicably, but he refused.” Everyone has been pleading to get to him at this point. He is nowhere to be found; he does not answer his phone or respond to messages.”

      The Nigerian doctor claimed he had been imprisoned since then, with no sign of progress or a release date in sight.


      “My health has suffered, and I have no one to turn to for help because I don’t know anyone in the community, or even in Saudi Arabia as a whole.” “I am pleading with the Nigerian government to intervene on my behalf so that this matter can be resolved quickly and I can focus on my health,” Ighowho writes.

      “I am frustrated with the situation because I am physically and mentally deteriorating in the cell.”

      The FIJ sent an email to the Nigerian consulate in Jeddah seeking comment on the matter, but it had not received a response as of press time.


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      Can’t tell me otherwise man, this has envy written all over it. Tufiakwa!


      Nigerians in diaspora be extra careful biko.

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      Shekinah Brama

      This is either envy or just the handiwork of village people….. because what is this wickedness??

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