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      Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria can best be described as a cosmopolitan city, its a place you meet different sorts of people ranging from the way they think, drink and drive. I was watching a clip from Lasisi Elenu where he complained of how a man stopped his car in the middle of the road to buy mango, yes, you heard that right and you wonder where are the LASTMA officials when you need them and why is it hard for people to be civil and obey simple instructions. These are some annoying Lagos drivers do on the road.
      1. Stopping in the middle of the road to buy things or to greet
      This has become a norm especially in places like Lagos Island, you hear them say “Ladugbo Mi” which means they are free to constitute a nuisance in their area or in places where they grow up. Greeting in the middle of the road is as rampant as you buying pure water. I have witnessed a scenario where a driver stopped in the middle of the road to buy a recharge card and the seller did not have change so he kept everyone waiting for almost 10mins until when the woman finally surface, what best can we call that? Omo adugbo!
      2. Drivers being aggressive when you try to overtake them
      Most times you wonder how some people reason and the rationale behind that. There are some people that are the slow drivers and when you try to overtake them or signal them to hurry up, they get aggressive to the point that they turn it into Formula 1 racing event. They refused to move and when you try to move, they either call you names or try to stop you, fear village people.
      3. Horning at the traffic lights
      This may sound funny or look like a psychological disorder but it happens. I have witnessed cases where drivers who are in hurry hurl at the traffic light and I used to ask, for what? Why will someone horn at something that was configured to work automatically, to hurry up or what? In Lagos, expect anything to happen.
      4. Making calls while driving
      Despite warning from the Federal Government, State and Local Government of the dangers of calls while driving, many drivers have not heeded this advice, in fact, it is getting worse by the day. The rate at which people make phone calls on the steering is getting alarming as even the so-called elites, educated folks are not left out. At times you wonder how these drivers drive with one hand and use the other to make calls. Even if you are a professional driver, you can’t be too good with just a hand.
      5. Claiming Levels or forming VIP
      Have you ever been with a stubborn driver before? I have seen quite a few that despite being wrong will be claiming right. You will hear words like I will get locked up, do you know who I am? I will jail you etc and this happens even when they are wrong, they find it difficult to apologize. This is one of the few encounters you see when you are driving especially when you hit their car or when they hit, instead of them to apologize, they start forming levels or threaten you.
      6. The yellow cab drivers are something else
      Set of the people to avoid when driving in Lagos apart from danfo are the yellow cab drivers popularly called kabu kabu, these men are something else. They drive as if you are their rivals, old men behaving like touts, if its possible to avoid them, avoid them as plague as they are always right on the road, if you try to complain, they will tell you the history of when Nigeria starts using cars, the first man to drive car in Nigeria and many more.

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