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      Joseph Ayobami



      Henry was a good guy

      Good enough that I fell for his pickup lines

      So sweet were his diction

      And he knew how best to satisfy me.


      Ooh gosh…

      I remember when I touched his abs

      So thick and fleshy

      He also touched my hair

      And even helped braiding it.


      To me, all that glittered was gold

      Even though I was told

      The veil on my face didn’t unfold

      – I wasn’t getting married to a friend but a foe.


      The aisle came like a flash

      The wedding gown and the tuxedos

      The bouquet and the menu that was served

      Everything was beautiful.


      Our first night was glorious

      Emphasis on glorious

      He took me to the seventh heaven

      It was so thralling.


      The first days flew by

      On a particular day, an argument ensued

      he smote my cheek and I collapsed

      This was just a tickle to what was coming.


      His aggressions grew

      He became fierce and wild

      Like a rogue, or a tiger set loose

      But I stood, and kept on loving him.


      I loved this violence

      The beatings were like therapy sessions

      The farther I tried to go, the closer I became

      I was definitely going crazy.

      It was until I lost a foetus

      Then another one

      Then series of miscarriages

      I suddenly felt lonely (I needed someone to call me mummy)


      So I decided to do the needful

      I didn’t run away from the battle

      I ended it by loosing to it

      Two Ghana must- go bags

      – in the hood of my vintage Carina


      I zoomed off

      And I’m still zooming

      Drinking british whiskey and eating some fruits

      And the car furniture smelling of overiped mangoes


      To hell with love

      To heaven with this single life thing

      My mind and heart agreed on this

      And they declared me Free.


      – Ayòbámi ❤️




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