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      Victor N

      We can all agree that procrastination is an enemy to every job that needs to be done. Unfortunately, no matter how long you avoid that job, it still has to be addressed eventually.

      As a writer, procrastination cuts into your valuable time. When you keep pushing and pushing, the time required for rest or other essential functions will have to be cut. See?

      My mentor and friend, Temitope Samuel — who is a writer on this platform — helped me with a few tips to fight this pig-faced monster called procrastination, and trust me, they are very effective!

      You need space and time to think as a creative writer, and the internet does not provide any. While you cannot completely remove yourself from the internet, you can regulate the amount of time you spend on it. Turn off notifications to your emails and social media and focus on your writing at the time.

      Have you heard about online apps such as Write or Die that help you set a time and word limit, and when you do not meet it, it starts erasing your words? Now, that’ll get you moving!


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