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      Esther Amadi


      Some people finding studying quite difficult, whist others are just able to concentrate for just a few minutes and hence distracted afterwards

      In this article, we’d show you proven ways you can study easier and more effectively.

      Here are 12 effective studying tips you should start putting into practice:


      Establish Order

      Keep a homework planner with you at all times. Making ensuring that assignments are entered as soon as they are given will prevent them from being overlooked. This is especially important for students sitting for JAMB, WAEC, NECO.


      In class, pay attention.

      When the teacher is speaking, it’s critical to pay attention and stay focused. Concentrate on what is being said while taking notes in your own words to practice active listening. You may ensure that you hear (and comprehend) the information being delivered in class by doing this. Always listen to your English tutor in JAMB class


      Eliminate Distractions

      Distractions can be found everywhere, on social media, cell phones, and even in friends. Recognize your sources of distraction in the classroom and learn how to avoid them. If you know your pals will distract you, avoid sitting next to them. You may ensure that you are listening to your teacher by turning off your cell phone.


      Verify That All Notes Are Complete

      You will be better able to understand the material you are learning if you take thorough and detailed notes in class. Additionally, these notes will serve as study materials that can be examined prior to a test. If you miss a lesson, check your notes with friends or the teacher to make sure they are complete.


      If you’re unsure of something, Ask Questions.

      If you don’t understand something, raise your hand and ask a question. If asking in front of everyone makes you uncomfortable, make a note for yourself to speak with the teacher after class.


      Create a Study Timetable

      Look through your planner and consider what has to be done before creating a study schedule. Consider the topics and question types that will be addressed on the test so that you may decide what to concentrate on. Establish clear objectives for each study session, such as the number of topics you plan to cover by the end of the session.


      Review Class Notes Each Evening

      Review and elaborate on the class notes after school. Reviewing your notes will assist you the next time you have a difficult test by transferring information from short-term memory to long-term memory.


      Speak to the teachers

      Your teachers want to see you succeed. Before your test, speak with your teacher and let them know if you need any clarification or more assistance. Asking for assistance proactively will go a long way with teachers!


      Choose a Study Area

      The ideal study location is one that is peaceful, well-lit, and away from busy streets. Make sure the area where you will study and write is uncluttered. Since everyone has various demands, it’s critical that you locate a location that suits you.


      Brief Study Sessions 

      Take a quick 10- to 15-minute break after every 30 minutes of studying to refresh. Making the most of your study time is easier with brief study sessions.


      Make Study Notes Simpler

      Condensing your class notes will help you study less stressfully. Write in bold or capitalize important terms. To organize and simplify knowledge so that you can recall it better, create visual aids like charts, story webs, mind maps, or outlines.


      Taking Group Studies

      You are more likely to stay engaged when working with classmates in an interactive setting. By doing so, you have the opportunity to challenge one another’s understanding of the subject matter and build one other up personally.


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      Seun Samuel

      Thank you very much Ma’am. If you don’t mind I’ll love to help you with one crucial point which is “Sleep” to study efficiently one must obtain  sufficient sleep.


      Without proper rest students will be overwhelmed and may start to forget or even get reckless during exam periods.

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