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      Cheat codes I know in my 30’s that I wish I knew in my 20’s:

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      1. The lowest type of riches is an abundance of money. The highest types of wealth are an abundance of health, love, and free leisure.

      2. Only solicit comments from those who are actively participating in the game. It’s all too easy to boo from the stands.

      3. It is not enough to be physically and financially fit; you must also be surrounded by people who love you.

      4. You can achieve tremendous health and riches if you eliminate all distractions and vices, put your head down, and grind for 6 to 12 months.

      5. Blue light-blocking spectacles will not improve your sleep. Wear them if you want to, and don’t wear them if you don’t.

      6. Cardio is more about overall health and longevity than it is about calorie burning.

      7. The body is a wonderful mechanism, and few people can outwork it. Those who are worried about “overtraining” are using it as an excuse to rest.

      8. Dental hygiene is more important than you believe.

      9. Your energy levels are controlled by your sleep routine. Get adequate sleep at the appropriate times.

      10. People reveal their actual colors more often than they reveal them.

      11. You’ll never regret spending time with your children, even if it means staying up late to work after they’ve gone to bed.

      12. Teach your children what you wish your father had taught you.

      13. Don’t invite folks into your inner circle who moan.

      14. Be wary of passing judgment on others; remember, you’ve never walked in their shoes.

      15. Money addresses some problems while exacerbating others.

      16. Stop breathing through your mouth. You have a nose for a reason.

      17. Health isn’t about macronutrients. Health is a way of life.

      18. Your children may take up on your bad habits. Make your worst habits superior to the majority of people’s good habits.

      19. Someone who claims to have “all the answers” is untrustworthy.

      20. Your best ideas emerge when you’re not attempting to think of them.

      21. Your memory is terrible. Make a list of items you wish to remember.

      22. Eggs are nature’s nutritional supplement. Consume them.

      23. When you first get up, drink 32oz of water to flush your system.

      24. Discipline will get you 100 times further than motivation.

      25. Never put your family above your job. Never.

      26. Your life would be ten times better if you just did what you know you should do.

      27. Constantly seek discomfort. Only when you are uncomfortable do you grow.

      28. Eating at least 50g of protein for breakfast makes it much easier to meet your daily protein goal.
      Even if it’s only for 5 minutes. Allow your mind and body to rest.

      30. Take entire responsibility for everything in your life. Even if you refuse to accept responsibility, you are.

      31. Accept the struggle. You can only become stronger when you encounter challenges.

      32. Do not consume coffee 10 hours before going to bed. If you go to bed at 10 p.m., you should cease consuming coffee at noon.
      You do not have any friends. They’re obviously talking behind your back about you.

      34. How someone treats service personnel might reveal a lot about them. Don’t dismiss it.

      35. Make sure there is a mind-to-muscle link when lifting weights.

      36. Allow yourself to experience your emotions. Feel them completely, then release them.

      37. High-protein diets are the most effective for achieving your optimal body composition.

      38. Alter your perception, alter your reality.

      39. Surround yourself with individuals who are smarter, wealthier, healthier, and wiser than you.

      40. Time is only running out. Start chasing your dreams today.



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      <p style=”text-align: right;”>I love this post family and love are the greatest of all</p>

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