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      Definitions of politics


      David Easton defines politics as “the authoritative allocation of values.” He views politics as a system in which decisions are made and policies are established to allocate resources and distribute benefits within a society.


      Harold Lasswell’s definition of politics is “who gets what, when, how.” This definition emphasizes the distribution of power and resources in a society and the struggle among different groups to control them.


      Other scholars have defined politics in different ways, including:


      Robert Dahl: “Politics is the process by which groups of people make collective decisions.”


      Max Weber: “Politics is a strong and slow boring of hard boards.”


      Joseph Schumpeter: “Politics is the process by which groups of men allocate values for a society.”


      Jean-Jacques Rousseau: “Politics is the science of how who is to govern is to be decided.”


      Each of these definitions offers a different perspective on the nature of politics, reflecting the complexities and nuances of the field.


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