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      Elections in 2023: The military demands the arrest of a former minister over allegations of coup planning



      The Armed Forces of Nigeria take note with dismay of the rumor that some dishonest individuals are spreading, which claims that some military commanders met with one of the presidential candidates in an effort to sabotage the general elections and ignite the nation.


      According to Brigadier-General Tukur Gusau, the spokesperson for the Defense Department, harmful propaganda suggested that a so-called Thursday meeting was planning a coup d’état to impose an unlawful order.


      According to the military, it is disappointing that even politically exposed people can demean themselves into joining violent and destabilizing agents by making untrue allegations in order to increase political tension. According to the declaration, the Armed Forces of Nigeria are a professional military force that is devoted to upholding the Federal Republic’s Constitution and will never take part in a scheme to undermine democracy.


      It adds that the Military will not participate in the alleged shenanigans and will continue to be apolitical and neutral in the current political process. The statement further states that the Nigerian Armed Forces will never take part in any despicable scheme to undermine the nation’s arduous democracy.


      The military issues a warning that those who fabricate and disseminate false information will be asked by the proper law enforcement agencies to provide evidence to support their allegations. The general people is advised to ignore this information and carry on with their regular routines.


      Femi Fani-Kayode, a former aviation minister and APC leader, said on his verified account @realFFK: “There are rumors that @atiku attended a covert meeting with serving military Generals in Abuja on Thursday. If accurate, it is alarming and has consequences. What did it serve? 14 days before the election, why would a presidential contender meet in secret with soldiers?

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