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      Every piece of fitness advice I could come up with after 6 years in the gym

      Source; Twitter Thread

      1. Stop drinking alcohol. 
      2. Fasted workouts burn 20% more calories
      3. 30 minutes is all the time you need to get in shape
      4. Sun exposure can boost testosterone levels by as much as 69%
      5. Don’t post gym pics for attention
      6. Find a woman who loves to cook for you
      7. Higher reps/lower weight to lose weight
      8. Heavier weight/fewer reps to build mass
      9. Never sacrifice form for heavier weight
      10. Morning workouts lead to healthier decisions throughout the day
      11. 10,000 steps per day are huge for weight loss
      12. Increase weight or reps each week to get stronger
      13. If you’re not gaining weight, you’re not eating enough
      14. Train core 4-5x per week
      15. Fasting + black coffee in the morning are great for burning fat 
      16. If you’re not losing weight, you’re eating too much or not burning enough calories
      17. A few sets of dumbbells and a bench are all you need to get shredded
      18. Healthy eating is easier than you think. Get a bunch of eggs, ground meat, and fruit 
      19. Don’t expect instant results. Take a picture of your physique on day 1, commit to the routine for 6 months, and reflect on how far you’ve come at that point
      20. You don’t need to follow a strict diet. Just eat whole foods and prioritize protein 
      21. Develop a sleep routine. Quality sleep will make your muscles grow & recover faster while burning fat quicker.
      22. Working out with a partner will prevent you from using your phone during workouts.
      23. Find exercises you enjoy and do them routinely. Fancy isn’t necessary 
      24. Lift legs 2-3x per week. This will help ALL muscles grow faster
      25. Do back workouts to build depth in your physique
      26. 75% of your meals should be protein
      27. You cannot control *where* you burn fat. You just have to be patient
      28. If your muscles are in pain, lt them rest & workout a different part of your body
      29. Injury prevention should be your #1 priority at all costs
      30. Don’t underestimate the 2.5pound weights. Use these to get stronger gradually 
      31. Drink room-temperature water when working out
      32. The people you meet at the gym will be the nicest people you’ll ever meet
      33. Running shoes are the worst thing you can lift in. Flat-bottoms only
      34. Take creatine if you’re trying to put on mass 
      35. The easiest way to get addicted to the gym is by doing workouts you genuinely enjoy for the first couple of weeks. Once you’ve developed the habit of “going” then try doing new exercises 
      36. If you expect results instantly, you will fail. If you give yourself 12 months and just do the right things on a consistent basis, you’ll transform your entire life 
      37. If you’re not tracking calories, you’ll struggle to gain/lose weight. Use MyFitnessPal or hire a coach to make this easier
      38. Lifting with perfect form should be your focus at all times.
      39. Get 30 minutes of direct sun every day 
      40. You will never regret going to the gym even when you didn’t feel like it before
      41. Use a high-quality protein powder to help you hit protein goals
      42. 90% of what you drink should be water 
      43. Healthy eating is just as easy as unhealthy eating. You just don’t know “what” to eat. Eggs, ground meat & fruit are super quick to make.
      44. If you have a full-f*cking belief that you can make this happen, you’ll be unstoppable. Believe in yourself 

      At the end of the day, nothing in this list matters if you’re not going to get started today

      “Oh I’ll start tomorrow” but will you?

      I used to be scrawny, depressed and had zero-confidence

      Now I love every minute that I’m alive

      Getting in shape will change your life forever. 

      I hope you enjoyed reading.
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