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      Following a rush at Asake’s London concert, a second woman dies


      Due to the horrific injuries she got as a result of the stampede during Asake’s Brixton Academy concert in London, a 23-year-old lady named Gabrielle Hutchinson has passed away.


      She died in the early hours of December 19 at the hospital, and her passing was reported.


      Ms. Hutchinson is now the second person to die as a result of the stampede that broke out on December 15 at the entrance to the performance venue.


      She passed away after Rebecca Ikumelo, 33, who passed away early on Saturday.


      The 23-year-old, according to sources from the Metropolitan Police, was employed as contract security on the night of Asake’s performance at the venue’s entrance.


      In order to identify the reason of the stampede, the Metropolitan police have set up an internet platform where people may submit important details, videos, and images of the occurrence.


      Another 21-year-old is allegedly hospitalized in critical condition.


      The three women were near the venue’s door when the rush started, purportedly caused by concertgoers trying to push their way inside.

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