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      ABUJA – Parents of the 110 abducted Dapchi schoolgirls on Thursday marched to the National Assembly to register their pains with the federal lawmakers in continuation of their clamour for the release of the pupils abducted by Boko Haram terrorists penultimate week.

      Wearing swollen faces that bore marks of pain and agony, some of the parents recounted their ordeals since the abduction of their daughters, saying that it had been a heartbreaking experience and nightmare since their daughters went missing.

      The parents, who were adorned in black shirts with inscription, “We are Dapchi People”, said that they had not come to criticise and attack the government but to demand the rescue of their daughters. A father of three of the abducted girls, Mr. Yahaya Taributu told Vanguard that his entire household has been traumatised since the abduction occurred. “Each time my wife looks upon the bed our daughters lie at night, she breaks down in tears and weep profusely. Nobody in my entire household has experienced joy since the girls went missing. Happiness has deserted my home,’ he said. While refraining from blaming the government over the abduction, Taributu demanded express action in the rescue of the girls. “Government should go and bring back our daughters. We cannot, and will not rest over this matter, until we meet four eyes with our daughters,” he said with a troubled look on his face. Another parent, Aisha Alhaji Bukar, whose daughter also suffered abduction, shared a similar story. She however said the porous security of Dapchi town and the negligence of the security forces made the abduction very easy for the insurgents. According to Mr. Ariyo Atoye of the Coalition of in defence of Nigerian Democracy and the Constitution Civil Society Organisations, supporters of the peaceful protest, the National Assembly “should show leadership and take actions that can spur the executive arm of government in speedy action necessary to ensure the rescue of the abducted girls.” He also urged the National Assembly to conduct a powerful investigation into the conspiracies that have been alleged so far, and the circumstances surrounding how the Dapchi school girls were abducted.

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