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      Esther Amadi

      Gunmen Kill Over 20 Youths In Benue state.


      On Saturday afternoon, armed men attacked Akpuna village in Benue State’s Ukum Local Government Area (LGA), killing 25 inhabitants.

      Local sources claim that the invaders arrived at the settlement and opened fire repeatedly.

      The unfortunate ones were hit by the bullets as many of the locals fled for their lives.

      Eight persons were found dead at the scene of the incident, according to DSP Sewuese Anene, the state police public relations officer, who was called. Many others were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.

      “Upon receiving this information, police teams worked with other security agencies to rush to the area and engage the bandits, who were ultimately driven back,” she said. At the scene, eight bodies were found, and numerous additional injured people were rushed to hospitals for treatment. The area is still in operation.



      Benue North-East’s senator, Emmanuel Udende, has denounced the attack in the meantime.

      The senator urged security organisations to find and bring to justice the murderers.

      He said that the killings were without any provocation.

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