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Student Village Academy Forums ENTERTAINMENT Househelp Caught Poisoning Her Boss’s Children’s Water Bottle At Midnight.

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      Esther Amadi

      How I Caught My Househelp Poisoning My Kids’ Water Bottle At Midnight.


      A businesswoman is currently thanking her creator for preventing what would have been a calamity in her home.

      According to a testimonial video that was posted online, she exposed her househelp Faridas’ wicked scheme. She said she discovered the suspect combining her period blood with pee in a bucket when she woke up at around 1a.m in the morning on March 14.

      Faridas revealed during questioning that the plan was to put the substance in the water bottles of her boss’s kids so they could drink it. They would not, however, say what may occur to the kids if they drank the concoction.

      The businesswoman took her time to describe the good deeds she performed for Faridas, who gave his approval. The businesswoman winced, horrified by the brutality of her staff. She cautioned Nigerians, meanwhile, to exercise caution and caution when choosing who they take under their wing as househelps.

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      Urgh, disgusting

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