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      How To Get Study Abroad Letter Of Recommendation Templates

      Letter of Recommendation Templates

      ⚠️ DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!!! It’s a crime.

      📍University of California, Berkeley:…

      📍University of Michigan:…

      📍Pennsylvania State University:…


      📍Tips from the University of Calgary:…

      📍Tips from University of Western Ontario:…

      📍Dickson College:…

      ✘ 𝑇ℎ𝑒 𝐸𝑛𝑑. 

      Who should you request a recommendation letter from?

      In general, your professors, tutors, and coworkers are excellent referee candidates because they can provide detailed insight into you, your skills, and your work. It would be ideal if the referee could demonstrate an understanding or professionalism of the subject to which you are applying.

      If you have worked in an industry that is closely related to the university program that you want to apply for, your managers or employer can also write a reference letter for you. Include a note explaining why you chose your referee and why you chose them to write your reference letter.

      What should be included in a recommendation letter?

      A good recommendation letter or reference letter should always include the following four main components:

      A paragraph describing your relationship with the student/applicant.

      The referee’s evaluation of the student/interests, applicant’s skills, and ability to study at university.

      Examples of the student/accomplishments, applicant’s both in and out of school (like voluntary activities, for example)

      A summary of the reasons for recommending the student/applicant to the university or scholarship, or why the referee believes the student/applicant should be accepted at the university.

      What is the best format for a letter of recommendation?

      The format typically consists of
      1) the letterhead and full contact information,
      2) a salutation,
      3) an introduction,
      4) an overview,
      5) a personal story,
      6) a closing sentence and
      7) your signature.

      The three types of recommendation letters are employment, academic, and character recommendation letters

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