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      How to connect AirPods to your laptop

      Pair to a PC or Mac in a few easy steps.
      By PCMag  on 
      woman taking AirPods out of the case

      Pairing your AirPods to a PC laptop is a cinch. Credit: Getty Images

      With the easy connection of AirPods to Apple products, you can watch your most recent streaming passion on the iPad or listen to podcasts on your iPhone without disturbing those around you. However, AirPods are not just compatible with Apple products; with the help of Bluetooth, they can also be used with PCs and Android smartphones.

      According to Chloe Albanesius in, here’s how to connect Apple’s truly wireless earbuds to PCs and Macs, whether you need to drown out your coworkers or keep that Zoom call secret.

      How to connect AirPods to a Windows PC

      Bluetooth is how your Windows laptop and AirPods communicate, so check sure it is enabled. If Bluetooth isn’t already turned on, go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices and turn it on. Additionally, Windows 11 adds a Quick Settings option for Bluetooth that can be accessed from the taskbar.

      Click “Add Bluetooth or other device” up top.

      bluetooth settings on a Windows PC
      Find Bluetooth settings in general settings or the taskbar. Credit: PCMag.Com / Windows

      Select “Bluetooth” from the top of the menu:

      Add a device settings on a Windows PC
      Select Bluetooth to add a new device to pair. Credit: PCMag.Com / Windows

      Make sure your AirPods are in their case. Flip it open and press the small white button on the back.

      The back of an AirPods case
      Press the white button on the back of the AirPods case to signal Bluetooth pairing. Credit: PCMag.Com / Windows

      Wait until the indicator light turns white.

      AirPods case open showing a green indicator light
      Wait until the green light turns white. Credit: PCMag.Com / Windows

      Your AirPods should show up in the list under “Add a Device.” Select your AirPods.

      AirPods device showing up in Bluetooth settings on a Windows PC
      Select AirPods when it shows up in your Bluetooth settings. Credit: PCMag.Com / Windows

      When your AirPods connect to your PC, a message will appear to say your AirPods are ready to go.

      Confirming pair AirPods on a Windows PC
      Confirm pairing your AirPods. Credit: PCMag.Com / Windows

      Your computer need to keep track of your AirPods. If they don’t connect immediately the next time you wish to connect, look for them in the list of Bluetooth devices that are available and click to connect.

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