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      Grace Afoo

      It can be hard to get rid of acne completely, but the following tips must help reduce your breakout

      – With clean hands, wash your skin in the morning and in the evening, using warm (not hot!) water. Use cleansing products appropriate for your skin type.

      – Don’t use rough textured washcloths or face sponges that accumulate dirt or can grow bacteria.

      – Remove makeup before going to bed because beauty products can clog pores.

      – Try not to touch your face. There may be a lot of bacteria on your hands. The same goes for mobile phones and it is also advisable to change your pillowcase every week.

      – Don’t share your personal hygiene items (towels and makeup brushes).

      Good sleep, a healthy diet, and positive emotions can help your skim remain clear and healthy.

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      Student Village

      Great Share!

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      Jimoh Eyitayo

      Useful Tips!  thanks for sharing

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