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Student Village Academy Forums HEALTH AND RELATIONSHIPS I Served My Boyfriend With Jollof Mixed With My poo

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      A woman has made shocking revelation of the worst thing she has done to a man. She confessed of making her former lover eat her ‘toilet’ by mixing it with minced meatstew in a Jollof rice.

      She disclosed to David Papa Bondze- Mbir of doing this as a pay back to her ex-boyfriend that left her to marry another lady. She confessed together with other women in the private inbox of David Papa Bondze-Mbion Facebook.
      Below is the compilation of various confessions of women sharing the worst things they’ve done to the opposite sex.

      “He dated me for Three (3) years, and then left me for another woman. He married her actually. The worst thing I ever did to a man was to ask for a last night with him, a week to his wedding, to officially say goodbye. I prepared Jollof and minced meat Stew, with my poo!I mixed the minced meat with my poo,spiced it up with so much flavored ingredients to reduce the smell of the poo. The stew looked so thick and nice and smelled good,I couldn’t be bothered to want to taste it. He are everything in the plate, meaning,it tasted good. I then congratulated him on his marriage. I moved on with my life.”

      “I had dated this guy for some years, and deep within me,wanted to marry him. He loved me too but he wasn’t sure whether or not to settle down. We were both ready to settle and spend the rest of our lives together… However, he was being unreasonable. Then my intuition drew my attention to certain, sudden changes. He was chatting/seeing another girl.A very pretty lady. My chances with him were becoming slim,soI drugged hisdrink, onenight,at hishome, with Ketamine. I hadasmuch unprotected rides (sex) with himasI could,andthen,cleaned himup. Themomenthe wokeup, I left his place.I gotpregnant, andknowing him, he wentahead to do the right thing,to ask for my handin marriage: becausehe didn’t want to raisea child outside marriage. We’ve done Eight ( years already, ashusband andwife. I lovethe way hetreats meashis wife. I lovethe way he loves hiskids.Ilove the way heloves me. He callsme so many times in a day to checkon me. He helps mecook,clean andtrain the kids.Heallows me somuch time to rest.
      WhatI did may have been wrong,but it got methe resultI needed. And, it brought outthe bestin himtoo. I love my husband, andIwill do anythingto make himrealizethat.”
      3. “Ilive with a scumbag, whois a cheat anda liar. I justdon’t knowhow to trust my husband, Dave. He’s made ‘trust’ impossiblefor me.Itried the joystick lock thing on him, but it did not work out. I later foundoutthat I may have gotten hisfavorite fruitwrong.So, it was monthsafterthat trythatI overheard ourson, asking hisdaddy, what hisfavorite fruitwas.It was Orange.
      I chewed Four (4) Orange seeds, broke onefresh egg andtookthe yolk out andput it in my mouth,added a tablespoon full ofschnapps,forcefully spoke my heart desire out, andthen swallowed the wholething.That night, before sleeping, I gave my husbandan intensive Mouth Gig, making himpre- cum in my mouth,andthen swallowed that too. Wehadvery good sexthat evening.
      Prior to that, he usedto have a very cheerful mood everytime hereturned from work. Isaw a sudden change in himthe followingevening. He wasn’t himself. Hewouldn’t playwith our kids,he wouldn’t eathisdinner, nothing!Thenwe gotto bed, andI realized hewantedto have sexwith me.Ipractically heard himbreathea sigh ofrelief whenhis dickerected.
      He wouldn’t talkto me abouthis problems,but Ioverheard himtalkon phone onedawn,to hisgirlfriend, aboutnotbeing able to have erection anymore. Apparently, he hadtried sleeping with other girlsto besurehe wasn’t imagining things.Butwith me, he could have it in its full strength. I knowhe is disturbed. I feel hisshame anytime hewants to have sex withme; I feel hisguilt andconfusion, but I don’t care, Dave.Idid what I hadto do,andit worked.Hecannothave erection anywhereelse, except in my presence.
      Now, nobody forceshimto rushhome to bewith me.He’s become my best friend. Sometimes, it may be all wrong to beselfish in gettingwhat youwant, but it is also alright, especially, ifit puts the other partyin check. Iam so happy now, Dave.”
      4. “Igainedadmissionto pursue a Master’s programmein the States, 12 years ago, andI didn’t have the funds to pay formy fees. My husband couldn’t helpouteither, soI discussed it with afriend in Chicago, to helpout. She’s blackAmerican, andhadbeen my Facebook friendfor Two (2) years. She was willing to helpout. Iwanted to make it up to her in a way, but couldn’t think ofanything; then I remembered she oncementioned, wanting to have a baby with a Ghanaian man. In fact, she was crushing on my husband, when she made those comments years back, soI invited her to Ghana, pitched an idea to her as payment for her help. My husband didn’t knowher, sothe plan workedso easily.
      I gave my friendeveryinformation aboutmy husband’s whereabouts, gave directsto where evermy husband informed meof going,sothey accidentally bounce into eachother. My friend is very pretty, soI wasn’t bothered. After Six(6) unsuccessful attempts,my husbandfinally noticed her, andstarted a conversation, took her number, andbegan flirtingwith her.
      They engaged in sexual activitiesfor almost a month andTwo (2) weeks. When my friendfoundoutshe was pregnant, she left Ghana,to the States – without even saying ‘bye’ to my husband. I rememberhow down my husband was –for months. Theleast this I did,hegot pissed. Theleast thing the kids did,hewouldbe pissed. He beganlosing weight, startedto think andwanderin thoughts,cry at dawn,aftercalling my friend’s Ghana phone number, which, ofcourse,she threw the sim away.
      When he soberedaftera few months, I asked himwhat the problem was, he wouldn’t mind me…Then I askedifhe was cheating on me,andhesaid,no! Rather, “I lost a huge business deal.”
      I am donewith my Master’s Degree, which was fully funded by my friend. She gave meaccommodation whenI was in the States, allowed me play a major role in her baby girl’s life,until I returnedto Ghana. Weare all happy now.”
      5. “Igotpregnant fora married manI was dating. Hewouldn’t want to have a baby with me sohe gave me money to abortit.Iusedthe moneyto buy food ingredients, preparedthe meal with my pregnanturine – the dayhe was visiting me, andhelped himeat the wholefood. That very evening, he sent mea text message whenhe got home,asking aboutthe pregnancy, and how he wishedI hadn’t aborted it.I told himI hadn’t.
      Dave,hebought aTwo (2) bedroom house for me, providedmoneyevery week for my upkeep,hireda personal driver for my rounds, checked on me everyday, till date. Hehashis own kids with hiswife, but it’s like,my baby is hismajor concern now. My mum oncetold me howshe usedthe pregnant urine procedureto make my dadcommit to my birthandupkeep.I just hadto revisit andremake history.”
      6. “The night I foundoutaboutmy husband’s affair with hispersonal secretary, I hada dream, a terrible dream,that hehadbeen arrested at the airport for drug possession. Two (2) weeks afterknowingaboutthe affair, he informedme oftraveling to the UK on a jobassignment.Hewas travelling with his personalassistant.
      David, this worldcan be very interesting,youknow? Andyou know some dreams do cometruetoo at a point,don’t you? Because my husband was arrested at the airport,with hisPA, for drug possession. Luckily for the young lady, she was set free. My husband hasNine (9) more yearsto serve in prison. Apparently, someone planted the cocaine insidehisluggage. I wish I knowwho.Lol! Anyway, I am glad I knowwhere my husbandis now, 24/7. I don’t have to worry anymore about where or what or who heis with right now. Iam a happy woman. So,for me the worstthing everdonewould be, jubilating andliving life to the fullest, after finding outaboutmy husband’s arrest. Lol!”
      7. “Ileft my husband-to-be at the altar. One ofthe women he was sleeping with left a package at my gate: A phone that hadall oftheir chat conversations andaudiorecordingsof their numerous phone calls. She hada video recording on the phone – ofthem having sex, andall these dated to when we werecourting.Ialways had this inner discomfortaboutmy intended marriageto him. Iwas in my 30’s, feeling ‘older’ in my own skin, andwanted somuch to be a ‘Mrs.’, somebody’s ‘Mrs.’. I was scared of being alone, I felt Iwas under somuch pressure to settledown – becauseall of my agemates were gettingmarried andhaving babies, that, I thoughtI was behind.
      I almost rushed into marriagewith him. Dave,Ileft himat the altaron our wedding day. AndI made surethe phone deliveredto me was sentto him in church–for hisviewing pleasure.It was delivered to himon the altar by oneof hisbestmen.I droveto Holy Trinity Spa, to relax andrethink. Iam still single, but very happy with myself. I am excellingat work. I am building myself up. I am feeling hopeful for the very bestfuture ahead ofme.”
      8. “Well David, some peoplemight see this asnothing but anyone whoknows me very well willknowthis to be my extreme. I dated this guyforalmost Six (6) years. I was faithful – hewasn’t (serialcheater), I gave himeverything – he gave me nothing. For6yrsI endured everyemotionalabuse possible. Someone willask why I stayed for solong?Ican onlysay Iwas very young andnaivewhen Imet himand he was wonderful in the beginning soI fell hard. Andalso Iknew oneday my time willcomeif Iwas patient enough. He usedto breakup with memost times whenhe foundanewconquest just for the freedom to foolaround and come back to me whenhe was done. He thoughtIdidn’t know. As naiveasI was andwith encouragement and support from his parentsandsiblingsI accepted himback. So unfortunately the last timehe did thatwas a few days to Valentine’sDay, andthat was the dayI decided,NOMORE!
      My heart hadbeen brokenenough.God being sogood,Ihadreconnected with an oldfriendwho helped me selflessly at onepoint.Someone Iknew from way back before Imet thismy ex.We started chatting asfriends againandit gradually movedto something serious. It gave me the confidenceIneeded to get over my ex andmove on.Iknew my ex wouldcome back withabsolute certainty andthistime I waitedwith pleasure.Well, he did comeback a few months later andhe realized something was different.Iwasn’t soreceptive.He went all outto make it upto me this time becausehe hadplannedto marry me the following year.
      I believe he sensed losing me sohe decided then to be serious.Notto blow my own hornbut I am a very good woman,the besthehadin every way andhe knew it.Butwhat he didn’t knowandnever dreamed was thatI hadaccepted to marry thisold friendof mine andI was planning my wedding. I accepted my ex,humoredhim. Made sure hewas happy andsecurein the knowledge that hestill hadme, ‘the LOVE OF HIS LIFE ‘. Only for himto wakeup oneSundaymorning to pictures ofmy marriage. He fell sick at once andhaddiarrheafor3 days straight.He broke-down. It’s been 4yrs andcounting andI’ve never regretted my choice once. I’m the happiest woman alive andI finally knowwhat peace andsecurity feelslike.Andhe has just been moving from onegirl to the next, strugglingto find a ‘GOOD ONE’. My adviceto anyone in such a situation is to justbe patient andpray. Your time willcome.”
      9. “Myhusband hasa character I despise. And, I hadvowednever to have achild with himto inheritsuch character traits/genes. So Islept with his brotherinstead to get pregnant.”
      10.“I needed a confessionfrom my husband, soI paid a group ofstrong guys,enough money, to attack our home onedawn,andalsothreatento kill my husband, ifhe did notconfess to sleeping with the girlfriend ofoneof the robbers. Thegirlhe confessed sleeping with – was the same girl I suspected was having an affair with. They beatmy husbandmercilessly, and then warnedhimto keepoffher. Now, he walks on pinsandneedleswhen he goes out.”
      11.“I lied aboutbeing avirgin to marry the manofmy dreams. Buttruth is,I have slept with over 89 men.Ihad to surviveat the University in order to pay my fees, soI managed to convince himby making believe something ‘virgin-like, on ourhoneymoon.”
      12.“I was living a certain kindof life in the pastthat – gettingpregnantwas a ‘no-no’, soIhadmy womb tied. Ihada daughter beforemaking that decision.I gave my baby up for adoption, years ago,eventhough I knowwhere she is andwhich family she is with. My husband hasno idea of thispast,and thinks, we ain’t gettingpregnant becauseit’s notin ‘God’s timeyet.’ I have bribed ourfamilydoctorto keep telling my husbandeverything is alright with both ofus,andthat, we both should keeptryingfor that baby. Iam paying this doctorGHs 10, 000 every year, to stick to that script.That is my worst thinghidden from my husband.”
      13.“I foundoutin December, thatI am HIV+, I haven’t told my husband yet. Weboth have cheated in our marriage, however, I do notknowwho contracted it.So I am still beinghis wife, doing everyduty, until he finds out about his ownstatus.”
      From the David PapaBondze-Mbir’s Facebook page.

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      The man that ate it probably deserved it. But eeewwwwww

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