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      Differences between politics and government 

      Politics refers to the actions involved in the administration of a state or territory, particularly the arguments between those in or aspiring to positions of authority.


      On the other hand, the term “government” refers to the team of individuals who act as the state’s or nation’s representatives and make decisions. It is the official system through which a society is controlled and managed.


      In plainer terms, government is the use of power to enact and execute laws while politics is the struggle for power.


      Scale: Politics can take place at different levels, including local, state, national, and even international, although government is often only able to manage a single geographical area.


      Government choices are decided by elected officials or appointed bureaucrats, whereas politics involves decision-making through the process of negotiation and compromise between individuals and groups with divergent interests and perspectives.


      Government has the legal ability to enact and execute laws and regulations, although politics frequently operates within the bounds established by the law and the constitution.


      The goal of politics is to gain power or influence, whereas the objectives of government are to protect the public, provide public services, and uphold social order.


      Transparency: Whereas government is expected to be more open and transparent in its decision-making and acts, politics is frequently influenced by hidden intentions, interests, and agendas.


      Influence: While government is more structured and operates within pre-existing legal and constitutional frameworks, politics is more susceptible to influence from a variety of sources, including money, the media, and public opinion.

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