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      Shekinah Brama
      They didn’t ask anything when the interview ended

      Here 5 questions UX designers MUST ASK

      to land a job and better understand your future company

      1️⃣ “How does a designer’s daily schedule look like?”

      → This reveals the overall process within the design team

      Also to see if the current team is chaotic or structured.

      Red-flag answers 🚩

      ❌ We prioritize spontaneity
      ❌ It’s up to the Design managers 

      2️⃣ “What’s the decision-making process in the team?”

      → This question can determine if a company is worth working for

      In their answer, take notice on:

      🔸 Who’s the main decision maker?
      • Head of Design?
      • Marketing?
      • CEO?

      🔸 Is the design team respected in this org? 

      3️⃣ “How long does it take for a new product/feature launch?”

      → This question is CRUCIAL for designers to ask

      As it’s an indicator of the company’s design priority:

      ✅ Make sure their project’s timeline + scope are clear
      ✅ Pay attention to the hiccups throughout the launch 

      4️⃣ “How can designers’ performance be measured for this role?”

      Your career can’t progress if the company can’t offer
      any measurement for your performance.

      A good answer should provide you:

      🔸 The design team’s KPI system
      🔸 A realistic expectation for designers’ workload 

      5️⃣ “What’s the career path at your company for this role?”

      As UX designers we all have different career objectives

      But to level up, the company you work for must:

      ✅ Give you room to grow
      ✅ Be transparent about promotion
      ✅ Provide the mentorship you need to advance 

      ✨ UX interview bonus tips:

      • Prepare 3-5 questions BEFORE the interview

      • Make sure your questions are RELEVANT to the job

      • Rank the questions’ priority based on your TIME limit 

      I share lessons on my UX journey

      Follow me for more 👉 @semigrownkid

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