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      We don’t appear to be able to just keep up with the way the world is changing.


      Science and technology are rapidly being applied in practically every aspect of our life. Many people, including students, may find it difficult or unrealistic to adapt to this rapid growth.


      Depending on the educational system, students must pass tests or assessments to advance to a higher level or receive certification as a specialist in a given field. Exams must thus be taken, which is inevitable.


      Technology integration has given rise to a kind of testing methodology known as the Computer-Based Test (CBT), which is quickly displacing the “pen on paper” way of examination, necessitating a rapid adaption.


      How can a test that was already challenging for many people but wasn’t a true test of their knowledge become something that even the few people who would have liked it or desired for this test dread?


      Some students may fail to succeed even though they fully understand the idea being tested; this is not because they lack the knowledge necessary to write well, but rather because their understanding of CBTs is restricted.




      Think positively


      Read all instructions


      Read each question carefully


      Anticipate the answer before looking at the options


      Eliminate all obviously wrong answer options


      Click the correct answer on the computer screen (which will highlight your selected answer)


      Be sure to answer all the questions


      Practice with JAMB CBT question software


      Note that pen/pencil and paper are not allowed


      Budget your time: you will have four hours (240 minutes) to complete 160-165 questions, which means just under 1.5 minutes per exam question


      Ensure that you have read and followed the specific instructions related to your exam-writing option.



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