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      Esther Amadi

      Kwara Doctor Attacked By Policeman For Examining Wife Without Permission.


      At the General Hospital in Ilorin, Kwara State, members of the Nigeria Association of Government Medical and Dental Practitioners have begun a two-day strike over an alleged attack on a colleague.

      According to Dr. Ola Ahmed, the state chairman of the Nigeria Medical Association, the doctors were forced to put down their instruments because their lives were frequently in danger. This was reported by the News Agency of Nigeria.


      “The physicians have unanimously decided that no doctors will work in the hospital for 48 hours following an emergency congress. We’re sick of being used as a scapegoat by the people, he declared.

      According to Ahmed, one of the physicians at the general hospital was attacked and assaulted by a sergeant who was a part of the Police Mobile Force.


      According to him, a police sergeant who had brought his sick wife to the department of obstetrics and gynecology for treatment around 5 p.m. on Sunday assaulted the doctor there.

      She was eventually released after the doctor performed the required tests. But when the sergeant went back to the hospital, he assaulted the medical professional who had been looking at his wife.

      The doctor allegedly did not get the sergeant’s permission before inspecting the sergeant’s wife, which is against the law in the sergeant’s society, the officer said.


      Ahmed emphasized that the woman was an adult, not a minor, and added that a colleague was present before the test was done.

      He noticed that the doctor was hurt before he was freed from the policeman.

      He added that the accused had been taken into custody and was being held by the authorities.

      It is awful that this is happening to us, he continued. We have a heavy workload on top of all the societal problems, like the weak naira and the lack of fuel.

      We arrive at work as early as 7 a.m. and leave late, and the patients we are trying to save are abusing and attacking the medical professionals.

      Through jingles, banners, and discussion shows, we have used every available tool to educate the public and urge them to stop attacking doctors.

      The University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital experienced a similar occurrence. We won’t let our physicians pass away if enough people are prepared to use the law.

      Ahmed clarified that they were simply protecting the lives of their members and were in no way blaming the state government.


      Dr. Bola Abdulkadir, the Chief Medical Director of General Hospital, Ilorin, responded to the development by saying that management was aware of the event and was making every effort to defuse it.

      Abdulkadir added that the state government was informed of the attack and had been making every effort to protect medical professionals.

      We remind them that management and the state government are making every effort to stop a repeat of the incident.

      There will still be minimal services provided because the consultants will continue to look after the patients, he promised.

      The CMD applauded the sacrifices made by all medical personnel in order to save patients’ lives in the facility.

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