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      Esther Amadi

      You love milk and cannot do without them but your body says otherwise, this means you could be lactose intolerant.

      Being lactose intolerant means your body lacks the ability to fully digest the sugar in milk and diary products known as lactose.

      A lot of people who are lactose intolerant tends to damn the consequences and go ahead to take these diary milk but damning these consequences could results in life threatening situations and one might end up in the ICU; so, if you are one who really loves milk in their cereals, beverages or meals, here are a few plant-based (non-diary) milk you could substitute for diary milk and trust me some of them tastes even better!


      Non-Diary milk (Plant-based milk).

      Almond Milk 

      It is low in calorie and highly nutritious. It is also a great source of vitamin E and D and contains anti-inflammatory properties, making it an even healthier choice.

      Coconut Milk 

      Coconut milk also contains anti-inflammatory properties that allow it to support weight loss and improve metabolism. Except you don’t like coconut, coconut milk tastes awesome.

      Soy Milk

      Rich in protein, sugar-free soy milk is an excellent choice for a better protein intake. Soy milk is also a good source of vitamin B, potassium and iron.

      Oat milk

      Oat milk is slightly sweet to taste and has a creamy texture. It is highly rich in fibre and great for managing cholesterol levels.

      Rice milk

      While a good non-dairy milk substitute for lactose-intolerant persons, rice milk contains more carbs than other non-dairy milk.



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      This is great content. You are amazing ❤️

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