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Student Village Academy Forums INSTITUTIONS AND COURSES University And Poly LASU Gives Update On Sacked Lecturer

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      The University Management wishes to address an inaccurate publication circulating on various online platforms. The article purported that Justice Maureen Esowe of the National Industrial Court of Nigeria ordered the reinstatement of Dr. Ebarefimia Udegbe, a lecturer, to the position of Senior Lecturer in the Department of Marketing at Lagos State University, alongside compensation for alleged wrongful dismissal.

      However, it is crucial to clarify that the report is misleading and does not reflect the actual judgment. In reality, the Honourable Justice Nelson Ogbuanya presided over the case (Suit NO: NICN/LAS/596/2017 – Dr. Udegbe Scholastica Ebarehmia vs Lagos State University & ORS) and ruled in favor of Lagos State University, affirming that due process was followed in Dr. Udegbe’s dismissal in 2017, related to mark alteration allegations.

      Furthermore, there were ongoing unresolved cases in court. Dr. Udegbe appealed her dismissal, and the University Management, after considering her appeals, presented the matter to the University Senate. Subsequently, both parties engaged in an out-of-court settlement, following recommendations from the University Senate’s ad-hoc Committee, duly approved by the University Governing Council.

      The terms of this settlement were mutually agreed upon, signed by both parties, and presented to the court for adoption, effectively resolving the case. Therefore, any reports suggesting a victory for Dr. Udegbe in court are inaccurate. She voluntarily withdrew the case from the court, opting for an amicable resolution with the university. There exists clear evidence of this resolution.

      We urge media outlets to verify information related to the university to avoid misguiding the public. We stand by transparency and accuracy in conveying information concerning our institution.


      Oluwayemisi Thomas-Onashile
      Coordinator, Centre for Information and Public Relations
      Lagos State University

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