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      Shekinah Brama

      Are you aspiring to carve a career in data science? The demand for skilled data professionals is soaring, making it an opportune time to dive into the world of data science. While boot camps and professional certificates are popular options, you can also acquire valuable skills without breaking the bank. Here are five exceptional and free university courses that will lay a strong foundation for your data science journey:

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      1. Introduction to Data Science with Python – Harvard

        If you’re seeking a Python programming refresher, start with CS50’s Introduction to Programming with Python from Harvard. Once you’ve mastered the basics, delve into the “Introduction to Data Science with Python” course. This comprehensive program covers programming fundamentals, Python applications in coding, statistics, and data storytelling, along with machine learning model building and evaluation.

        [Course Link: Introduction to Data Science with Python](Course link: Introduction to Data Science with Python)

      2. Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science – MIT

        MIT’s “Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science” offers a solid foundation in data science and essential statistics concepts. Explore topics such as optimization problems, stochastic thinking, random walks, Monte Carlo Simulation, confidence intervals, and more. This course is designed to give you a well-rounded understanding of computational thinking and its application in data science.

        [Course Link: Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science](Course link: Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science)

      3. Statistical Learning – Stanford

        Stanford’s “Statistical Learning” is a popular choice to understand the workings of various machine learning algorithms. While the programming exercises use R, you can easily adapt them to Python. Complement your learning with the Python edition of the “Introduction to Statistical Learning” book. The course covers topics such as linear regression, classification, resampling methods, regularization, tree-based methods, and support vector machines.

        [Course Link: Statistical Learning](Course link: Statistical Learning)

      4. Topics in Mathematics of Data Science – MIT

        For those looking to deepen their understanding of the mathematical foundations of data science, MIT’s “Topics in Mathematics of Data Science” is ideal. Gain insights into advanced dimensionality reduction and clustering concepts, including principal component analysis, spectral clustering, compressed sensing, and approximation algorithms. This course is valuable for those aspiring to enter machine learning research.

        [Course Link: Topics in Mathematics of Data Science](Course link: Topics in Mathematics of Data Science)

      5. Data Science: Machine Learning – Harvard

        Building on your knowledge from previous courses, “Data Science: Machine Learning” from Harvard focuses on applying machine learning basics. Covering topics like cross-validation, popular machine learning algorithms, regularization techniques, and building a recommender system, this course provides practical insights into implementing machine learning concepts.

        [Course Link: Data Science: Machine Learning](Course link: Data Science: Machine Learning)

      Embark on your data science journey today by leveraging these free university courses, and equip yourself with the skills needed for success in this dynamic field. Happy learning!

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      Grace Afoo

      Very good one..

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