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      List Of Igbo Soups You Can Try

      List Of Igbo Soups You Can Try; Yesterday I was at Kwara hotel and a conversation started about Igbo delicacies. It was interesting to realize how many beautiful soups the Igbo culture can boast off. So I decided to make a post about it for Student Village students.

      Maybe before ASUU strike is called off you can try these soups, but if you can’t wait, please feel free to try them now.

      Also, just because you are Yoruba, Calabar or Hausa doesn’t mean you can’t try these soups, it’s not bad if you open your taste buds to new and amazing tastes.

      Onugbu Soup (Bitter-leaf Soup) – List Of Igbo Soups You Can Try

      There is nothing delicate or pretentious about Bitter leaf soup (Onugbu soup). It is a full-bodied soup that will take your tastebuds on a gratifying dining trip. Bitter leaf soup is an icon of Igbo cuisine, especially to the Anambra-Igbos.

      It is an embodiment of who they are…Bold and resilient. it is made with bitter-leaf and usually thickened with cocoyam. Try it with Yellow Eba or Akpu and thank your stars.


      330g Bitter leaf (onugbu, processed in the market)
      Assorted meat (beef, cowskin, tripe, intestines etc)
      Dry fish
      3-4 cups Palmoil
      2 cups cocoyam paste (ede)*
      22-25g ogili isi
      6 tablespoons ground crayfish
      6 scotch bonnet (fresh pepper)
      8 cups stock+water
      4 seasoning cubes

      Ofe Ora / Oha Soup – This one is a favourite for me.

      Ora soup (oha, uha) is another staple soup. Ora leaves are so soft and delicate that raw silk clothes were once nicknamed oha. It is thickened with Cocoyam paste. This soup has so many dos and don’ts or old wives’ tales woven around it.


      150g Ora leaves
      25g uziza leaves
      Dry fish
      1/2 cup ground crayfish
      4 scotch bonnet (fresh pepper)
      1 1/4 cups cocoyam paste
      15g ogili isi
      1/2 cup palm oil
      3-4 seasoning cubes

      Ofe Owerri – List Of Igbo Soups You Can Try

      Ofe Owerri is a community symbol of the Owerri people and their environs. They are so proud of this rich and expensive soup that songs have been rendered about it.

      To make Ofe Owerri for your guests is a thing of pride because it represents affluence and you are also judged by the quantity and quality of the ingredients used.

      A thickened soup made with very finely shredded okazi vegetable, Ofe Owerri is a soup that is eaten up the same day, so no matter how much you spent, it all goes with that one pot of soup


      dry fish
      8-10 cups stock + water
      3/4 cup cocoyam paste
      3/4 cup palm oil
      3 scotch bonnet (fresh pepper)
      1/3 cup ground crayfish
      3 seasoning cubes
      12g ogili isi
      30g okazi
      50g ugu (optional)

      Ofe Utazi (Utazi Soup) – List Of Igbo Soups You Can Try

      Palm-nut juice or extract (banga) is used in the preparation of Utazi soup but if you can’t get either the fresh or tinned palm nut extract, you can use palm oil.

      Palm-nut juice doesn’t serve as a thickener in this soup so you really don’t use much rather it is thickened with pounded yam.


      2 cups processed Palm nut juice (extract)
      Utazi leaves (enough to squeeze into 1/2 cup)
      1 slice of yam
      Dry fish
      3 cups water + stock
      2 tablespoons ground crayfish
      3g-5g Ogili okpei
      2 scotch bonnet (fresh pepper)
      2 seasoning cubes
      Salt to taste

      Ofe Nsala (Nsala Soup) – List Of Igbo Soups You Can Try

      Ofe Nsala, White Soup is basically thickened pepper soup. That thickener blends and binds the flavours of the ingredients so well, that it takes the soup from the ordinary to the extraordinary… talk about synergy.

      Nsala soup should not be eaten with any utensils, just use your fingers for maximum satisfaction. Only thing is, you might find yourself mindlessly sucking on your fingers as you enjoy your well-cooked Nsala soup. The most common protein used in preparing Nsala soup is fresh catfish.

      It is most prevalent amongst Onitsha people, Ogbaru and environs, mostly the coastal towns along the River Niger.


      300g Goat meat
      dry fish
      2 seasoning cube
      250g yam, cubed
      6 cups stock + water
      1/2 cup+2 tablespoons ground crayfish
      scotch bonnet (fresh pepper)
      8g Ogili okpei or 5g Ogili isi
      1/4 teaspoon ground uziza seed
      5g uziza leaves
      8g utazi leaves
      1 tablespoon palm oil (optional)

      Ofe Ugba (Ugba Soup) – List Of Igbo Soups You Can Try

      Ofe ugba is a speciality of the people of Owerri and Mbaise of Imo state. It is variously called Ofe ugba, Ugba soup, Ofe Ukpaka, Okwuru ugba, and is simply okro soup with ugba (Ukpaka, processed oil bean seed), but you don’t just throw ugba into your Okro soup and call it Ugba soup, there is a process.


      Dry fish
      1/3 cup ground crayfish
      Snail, cleaned
      2 teaspoons Cameroun pepper
      2 seasoning cubes
      1 medium onion (1 cup chopped)
      250g okro small bunch Ugu leaves
      Isam (Periwinkle)
      1/2 cup palm oil
      1 small akanwu (Potash)
      1 1/2 cups Ugba
      4 scotch bonnet, chopped

      Source ;

      Thanks for reading List Of Igbo Foods You Can Try.

      Comment your favourite (s) or update the list with your favourite soups.

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