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      List of Low Tuition Universities In UK For Nigerians / International Students

      The University of Stirling – £12140 for classroom-based courses. Postgraduate tuition fees are between £13650 and £18970, depending on the course and specialization. There are also tuition-free courses available for international students.

      The University of West London – Tuition fees are between £13,000 and £14,000 for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. With tuition fees ranging from £13,000 to £14,000, this university is an excellent choice for those seeking to study in the UK. And while the University of West London isn’t the cheapest university in the city, it offers quality education and a record of excellence.

      University of Bolton – with tuition fees between £13,500 and £15,950 per year

      The University of Suffolk– The net cost of a year’s study is approximately $62,552, which is significantly less than the full price. The average financial aid award for students is $22,233. Financial aid for students from low-income families totals $27,637 in the first year. The tuition fee for graduate studies is slightly higher at $39,267. Graduate students have to pay an additional $210 for graduation fees.


      University of East London– The University of East London has three campuses in London. The tuition fees for undergraduate courses are about USD$1,323. Moreover, students can complete part-time degrees if they choose to. Its admission requirements differ according to the course and the country. It also accepts the Chevening Scholarship for international students. The University of East London also accepts international students. It ranks 1st for international support.

      The University of Southampton – 

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