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      A Nigerian lady simply identified as Ogechukwu Kate is a first class graduate of Ebonyi state University, but her pattern of business is just one of a kind.
      Going with the trend in Nigeria, as it is difficult for one to get employed after school, but instead of kate staying at home idle she chose to keep herself busy with this lucrative business which most of you are not aware of which is CHARCOAL BUSINESS.

      She recently posted on her Facebook wall the importance of charcoal. she equally made it known that a lot of people had been buzzing her asking her how to engage in the business.
      See her post below:

      Hi. For those who told me they want to venture into charcoal business… Oya Are you prepared? Are you ready to look like this (very dirty) during business hours? Are you ready for the dust, I mean inhaling it (you can use face mask if you feel comfortable in it) ?
      Are you ready for the stress? Are you ready for the money ? This is not a business for slay mamas and papas oooo. It’s for the determined and serious minded people. Well, if you are ready then I have good news for you… Do not worry about skin damage cos reverse is the case when it comes to charcoal.
      Charcoal has numerous skin and health benefits, such as blackhead fighting, deep cleansing, purifies complexion, balances oily skin, it gently exfoliates, etc.

      You can read it up on Google for more inquiries. Haven’t you wondered why I look so dirty and black during business hours and very beautiful after bath ? I’m not saying its the best business in the world, no, it’s so stressful and ejighi afufu anya isi at all, but instead of staying idle and blaming it all on the government why don’t you try this business out ? Of course I will change my mother’s line of business for her when the time comes but for now, man must eat. Another wonderful news is this… You can start it with a little cash and believe me you’ll definitely grow, you don’t need to stay idle waiting for God to send you manner from above. God helps those who help themselves.
      See more photos below!

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