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      Esther Amadi

      “I’ll not do it again”, quack doctor says after stitching a woman’s womb and urinary tract together.
      A 31-year-old man named Mr. Olalekan Rabiu has been detained by members of the Ondo state police command for operating in an illegal hospital and disguising himself as a doctor.

      The suspect was detained following a failed caesarean section on a pregnant patient in the hospital. The suspect has been practicing and posing as the CMD of Iremide Private Hospital, Orita Ojo in Odigbo Local Government Area of the state.

      A team from the state’s special intervention squad detained Rabiu on Friday, December 23, after an allegation of unprofessionalism was made against him, according to a press release from Mr. Oyediran Oyeyemi, the state’s commissioner of police. According to reports, the suspect performed a Caesarean section on a pregnant woman who was afterwards taken by ambulance to Mother and Child Hospital because she was bleeding profusely from her private region.

      “It was found that the renowned physician had joined the urinary tract and the womb. Additionally, it was found throughout the inquiry that the suspect is not a medical doctor but rather a community health extension worker who attended the School of Health Technology in Ijebu-Ode and has been pretending to be one.” the CP said.

      In an interview with reporters, the suspect acknowledged that he was a community health extension worker, claiming that he had been in the field for seven years. He also admitted that he had operated on the pregnant woman. Although the woman returned after 27 days to report bleeding, the doctor insisted that the procedure was successful.

      Rabiu, who stated that he had previously completed one successful operation, claimed that he began doing procedures in 2015 after his brother bought him a story building.


      “Actually I’m not a doctor but I study community health extension worker at Ijebu Ode school of health. Although I was a little bit talented in the line and there was no helper if not I would have returned to school but I’m praying to go back to school now.

      The woman was brought to my clinic and after examining her, I discovered that she cannot put to bed on her own. After the examination, I explained to her relatives about her condition because I checked her ultrasound result and discovered she is 43 weeks pregnant and the baby was already distressed and they gave me the go-ahead to operate on her to save the woman and the baby.

      So, when she came back after 10days for a check, I discovered that she did not take any drugs and it’s not hygienic at all. After 27 days of operation she came back again, complaining of vagina bleeding and to save her life I referred her immediately to Truman centre in Ondo town. I just want people to help me, I have a 9 months old pregnant wife at home now, I promise that I will not do it again”. He said.

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      Hian! Really?

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