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      September 26th, 2017 my dream came through when my developer sent an email that the website was live, and I was bursting with so much energy.

      The dream for student village was very simple, create a forum / platform where Nigerian students can interact with each other and also get legit and verified academic information.

      But it hasn’t been as rosy as I expected, I soon realized that having such a platform requires more than just having a dream, you must work extra hard.

      My first 100 page visits I was so elated, it meant th world to me but as time went by discouragement began creeping in.

      I wanted more from the Nigerian student community, I wanted the forum to stand head to head against international forums like but I didn’t get any of that, and I haven’t gotten it till now.

      Out of desperation to create a platform where students are flooding I sadly ran out of track and in 2020 we focused on the blog and neglected the forum, the blog was garning good numbers but there was little fulfilment from it.

      I want Nigerian students to stop using Facebook groups or WhatsApp groups that are filled with scammers and come to the Student Village forum, so this year, I sent an email to my developer and we brought back the original Student Village dream. The forum was back.

      What are we lacking

      Engagements; We have the traffic, (small) I believe in growth, but not the engagement, I’ll love if you come across this post and become an active Villager. Check out my own profile

      We are also lacking superfans; young folks who are pro Nigerian and are willing to see a Nigerian platform grow. If this is you, please visit Student Village and sign up! I’m my only superfan at the moment and I’ll appreciate if more people are willing to help.

      What Is New To Student Village

      Currently, we have 3 Major products on the website

      1. Student Village blog ; where students get admission updates from universities in Nigeria, IJMB guides , WAEC & NECP past questions, study guides etc.

      2. Student Village Forum; The original plan for student village, this feature aims to provide a platform where Nigerian students can communicate amongst each other. Plus have fun while doing so.

      3. JAMB Tool: The student village JAMB tool is a new addition to the Student Village family. The Student Village JAMB Tool solves only one problem, which is to ensure students who are about to write JAMB examination have the appropriate JAMB & O’LEVEL subject combination for the course of choice.

      Many students are disqualified from admission pursuit because their JAMB / WAEC subject combination doesn’t tally with the course they want to study. If you need to know the JAMB Subject combination for any course.

      Click here

      What Do I Ask ?

      More traffic

      More engagement

      Super fans that are pro Nigeria.

      Just as we’ve thrown in support for Nairaland, please do the same for Student Village.

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      Esther Amadi

      I got you✌🏾

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      We are here for you 😊😊

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      Esther Amadi

      I’ve been meaning to ask, what can we do to make student village go viral?

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